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Sam Basak

As one of our instructors, Sam’s at the front of class teaching our students. She loves breaking down problems into their component parts and seeing the potential of projects when looking to build a solution. There’s possibilities in everything!

Before she joined Code Nation, Sam was at Auto Trader as a data analyst and mostly worked on building products to be used by car dealerships. The data side of the job was great, but Sam realised that part of what she loved was the opportunity to get involved in the wider working culture and help educate and inform when she was asked technical questions.

So, like some of Code Nation’s students, she made the bold choice to change careers. This gave her the opportunity to do the thing she loved full time. What could be better?!

Sam’s grateful that she gets the opportunity to do for others what Code Nation has done for her: change people’s lives by helping them learn new skills and head in new directions they may have never previously thought possible.

She recognises that coding is becoming increasingly important and not just for software developers, but in the wider working world. Every job now revolves around computers to some extent, and it’s vital for employees to gain the skills they need to keep up the pace.

In her spare time, Sam loves making cool things with 3D printers and LEDs, and also has a knack with IKEA furniture. When she’s not building, she enjoys indoor skydiving, board games, Mario Kart, and writing the code to control her pet lawnmower, Geraldine.


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