If you haven’t noticed it’s getting very festive around here! We’ve launched #Codemas, our series of coding challenges that could help you to win a free 3 month coding bootcamp which could launch your career as a developer.

But, just like Santa, we’ve got a naughty and nice list. Here’s how you can avoid getting coding coal for christmas!

Help yours-elf

Naughty: repeating yourself over and over and over because that’s never fun for anyone and it’s inefficient too.

Nice: making your code reusable so that it can be put to work in different ways, freeing you up to sip some mulled wine or relax with a mince pie.

Using all the trimmings

Naughty: using loads of different coding styles in one app.

Nice: being consistent and formatting your code in the same way throughout your app.

Don’t call it Blitzen

Naughty: Using silly names, like, if you needed to call a function to add two numbers together and you called it “rabbitsAreAce” you’d have, admittedly, chosen a genius name, but a completely irrelevant one.

Nice: Give proper names in your code so that’s more readable and understandable to both yourself when you come back to it and other developers who might be using your code.

Take a break every snow often

Naughty: Not maintaining separation of concerns, which means you’ve got a load of mixed-up code doing a load of different tasks.

Nice: Modularise, which is a posh way of saying split your code up into sections, so that you can clearly see what each part of your code is doing.

Don’t be rude-olf

Naughty: Not writing code that’s easy to read. Sometimes, you’ll be writing code at 3am after 20 coffees and you’ll be a bit worse for wear, so when you come to check your code out again in the morning, you might be like, “huh? What was I thinking?” So, always try and write clear and concise code.

Nice: Use comments, which are little notes you can attach to your code to explain to other developers what each part of your code is doing.

Christmas is a time for sharing

Naughty: Suffering in silence! Struggling? Ask. Don’t feel like you need to know it all. It takes time.

Nice: Get yourself a rubber duck. No, seriously. Try explaining the problem and your code to a rubber duck. You’ll be surprised at how much it helps talking through the problem with your new rubber friend. If you need help with your code, there’s so many places you can go to for help, including our Slack channel!

If you want to get into coding then check out our #codemas challenges, and you could win a coding career!


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