With digital skills becoming even more vital to the professional world, the old idea that techies are geeks who fix broken WiFi is fading away.

People are now becoming more appreciative of the role of digital skills play in their everyday lives and are starting to love the wonderfully complex and creative world of computer science.

So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d run down five key reasons to love tech. Awww ?

1. There’s a wide variety of jobs

The common belief is that everyone working in the same field will do virtually the same job. This isn’t true in tech.

A role in computer science is like one in medicine or law: there are a multitude of nuanced specialisms and sectors that all offer something different.

One of the main differences is between analysts and developers, with the former looking for trends, bugs and issues across reams of data and websites, and the latter using code to create apps, websites and programmes.

Within these fields, there’s further variety for people to choose from. Some go for creative environments like the gaming industry, while others build their careers in areas that focus on huge datasets from sectors such as finance or medicine.

Meanwhile, those who learn an area of computer science can also become UX designers, SEO specialists or cybersecurity consultants to name just a few.

The only real limits to what a computer science professional can do is their imagination and ambition, and having such a diverse field makes the discipline a truly great one to be a part of

2. The industry is growing

The UK tech industry is expanding at an incredible pace and the need for staff outstrips the number of people who can actually fill the roles.

A recent survey by Indeed found that front end developer, software engineer and full stack developer are among the most difficult to fill. In total, six of the 10 jobs listed in the survey are tech-related.

Despite these difficulties, the UK tech sector is reported to be growing 2.6 times faster than the overall economy.

With software engineers making a reported average annual salary of £40,000, there’s never been a better time to be to get the skills to fill them.

3. You get a chance to shine at problem-solving

Computer science is essentially an everlasting problem-solving session; coders are tasked with resolving issues or find a way of building something new.

Software and programmes live as an extension of their creators, so by solving problems, computer scientists are able to create a better world with complete systems to aid us in everything we do.

Problem-solving through peer-based learning has widely been proven to be an instrumental means of developing understanding and knowledge, and that’s a key part of the tech world.

For example, one thing we teach here at Code Nation is pair programming, which brings two programmers together at the same workstation to resolve a problem.

By taking a pair programming approach, the problem gets solved quicker and more effectively. After all, two heads are better than one.

Which leads us on to the next point…

4. You’re part of the wider coding community

Part of what makes the computer science and tech community amazing is how people come together to help one another solve problems.

Online platforms such as GitHub allow developers, analysts and coders from across the world share their code with others to get advice on how to improve. Similarly, they can also help resolve issues that others may be having.

The world of tech and computer science is so intertwined with the online world that having an active profile on GitHub is considered essential for anyone looking to break into the field and land their ideal job.

The support shown within the world of coding isn’t seen in too many other areas of work, but in computer science, it’s the norm. People who are passionate about tech strive to learn from, rather than beat, each other.

5. You’re at the intersection of logic and creativity

Similar to the field of architecture, computer science sits at a rare crossroad between imagination and fact.

While there are rules that need to be adhered to when coding, those same boundaries are constantly changing because of the innovation from individuals looking create something new.

This is one of the most incredible things about computer science, as in the majority of workplaces, people are confined to a strict regimen or required to churn out creative works.

However, by learning tech skills, you can have the best of both worlds and forge a special place in whichever industry you choose.

In Summary

There’s so much to love about computer science that five points can’t possibly cover them all.

If the ones we’ve mentioned here have inspired you to swipe right on tech, get in touch with us by using the details below or drop by one of our open evenings to see our classrooms in person.

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