Bursaries and Scholarships

Students can code with us if they’re awarded a bursary or scholarship. These are offered by members of our Pledging community, philanthropic individuals and societies, and of course we offer them on a regular basis ourselves.


In the race for talent, providing Scholarships to Code Nation courses is an amazing way to give someone an opportunity to get into Tech who may not have otherwise been able to.


If you’d like to find out more about bursaries and scholarships with Code Nation, get in touch.


The technical skills shortage is a growing problem as the competition for talent increases. That, compounded with the lack of diversity in the technical workforce, means that this problem will only worsen.


That’s why we pride ourselves on helping to shift the dial on diversity by offering scholarships to underrepresented groups across every spectrum of society.


In the past, we’ve sponsored two scholars representing the BAME community (black, asian and minority ethnic people) and helped Sky award two scholarships to women in a competition we ran across social media.


We’ll keep doing the same as we help make the tech sector a truly diverse industry that’s open to everyone.

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