Develop: Cyber Course

Get to grips with cyber security on our three-week course


Online privacy is one of the biggest issues businesses currently face. To solve it, they’re hiring new staff to bolster their teams: in fact, the UK’s cyber security workforce has grown by 163% in recent years.

Learning what a cyber threat is, how they’re designed to work and the tools professionals use to counter them will put you on the path to getting a great cyber security job. That’s where we come in.

Find out more about our Develop: Cyber course below and get in touch to register your interest.

Course Content

The Develop: Cyber Course covers:

  • Introduction to Cyber Security: In week 1, you’ll learn about the nature of cyber threats and get to grips with commonly used attacks, such as denial of service.
  • The Tools of the Trade: In the second week, you’ll understand key computer networking principles like the OSI model, significant hardware and software, and legislation including GDPR.
  • Extended Project: During the third and final week, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to a project that will challenge you to defend an online system and then test your work.

After passing the course, you’ll be awarded a Level 2 Certificate in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics accredited by TLM, and be ready to take your learning to the next level.

Our upcoming Develop: Cyber Course dates:


  • Monday 25th February 2019
  • Monday 25th March 2019
  • Monday 15th April 2019
  • Tuesday 7th May 2019
  • Tuesday 28th May 2019
  • Monday 17th June 2019
  • Monday 8th July 2019
  • Monday 29th July 2019
  • Monday 19th August 2019

Our upcoming Master: Cyber Course dates:


  • Monday 8th July 2019



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