Dean’s role is focused on helping students reach their full potential. He works on projects that he will later teach, and helps students individually while an instructor is teaching. He strives to ensure everyone is getting the best possible experience from their coding education.

When he’s not in the classroom, he’s fact-finding with our pledging companies. This allows him to get experience of how developers are working in the real world and feed that back to both students and instructors. His efforts here allow us to create a curriculum that truly gets our students ready for work.

Dean knows what drives many of our younger students. He didn’t want to follow the university route after college and started looking around for a job. He eventually came across a posting for Code Nation and our dedication to helping students get a head-start on their coding careers appealed to him.

Outside of work, he attends meetups such as MancJS and the yearly hack Manchester hackathon. He also enjoys doing origami.

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