World Class Apprenticeship Schemes

The government has created something amazing in the apprenticeship levy – it’s just been completely misunderstood. If you’re a large business, you now have a sum of money in your digital account, that must be used on training. Where do you start?

Code Nation are the first and only coding school in the UK that have found a way for you to harness the power of the apprenticeship levy, with immediate benefits, providing you with new tech talent that you’ve already paid for.

We’re turning the scheme on its head, providing you with a way to upskill current employees, target a wider pool of potential talent, diversify your dev teams and shape juniors to your culture.

You could revolutionise your levy with Code Nation.

Through our talent management partner and sister company, RTM, we’re offering a free webinar to fill you in on the details and get you started.
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– Thursday 22nd Feb, 1-2pm GMT

Become a Pledger

If you’d prefer to take on one of our ready-made developers – you can join 40+ amazing businesses in the north and become a Code Nation Pledger. This means you’re getting access to fresh tech talent before they’ve hit the job market. And, we won’t charge you any recruitment fees to hire them.

As a pledger, you can also submit live projects for our Master course cohorts to work on, completely free of charge.
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