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Your coding career starts here

The need for tech talent has crept up on businesses, but this presents a prime opportunity for you. You can learn the most in-demand skills in the job market today with Code Nation.

Real job opportunities

We’re the only UK coding school backed by a dedicated recruitment company – which means you could land a job with one of our many amazing employers in the north who are itching to interview our graduates.

Join the most exciting dev teams in the country

Or, you could join the most exciting dev teams in the country through our Code Nation apprenticeship programme. Gone are the days of being paid pittance to get coffee – you’ll be fully integrated into the dev team, coding with the best, earning a real salary and making a real difference.

Ongoing career mentoring

Plus, you’ll have access to a Digital Guru. They’re experts in digital recruitment which means they’ll be able to give you all the career mentoring you need to land the developer job of your dreams.

So whether that’s working as a web designer, a games developer or anything in between, your journey starts with Code Nation.


Students will be work-ready and skilled-up to Junior Developer level.

What our graduates say

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