Living in Manchester

One of the great things about studying at Code Nation, is that we’re situated in a seriously astounding city.

Ask anyone who lives in Manchester what they think of it. If they’ve been here long enough to explore – they can confirm that it’s a very special place.

Moving to Manchester – should you choose to properly embrace it, is a massive adventure. Whether you’re creative, mathematical, business-minded, shy, extroverted, nerdy or musical. There’s truly something for everyone. There’s a reason this place gets so much attention – there’s something about it. You can try to put your finger on it but it’s hard to know where to start. Some people might say it’s the thriving arts scene, some people might say the raucousness of its nightlife. Many will say it’s the people and others will give qualities far more bizarre. But all in all, it’s like a feeling that sweeps the city. If this sounds a little cryptic, come and try to understand it for yourself. Just like technology, Manchester is constantly developing and evolving. It never gets stagnant and it never gets complacent.



There is simply never a dull moment in this city. It is home to an unbelievable amount of events which will inspire, educate and develop you as a person. It’s impossible for a weekend to pass without some kind of celebration which is open to all – many of which are free events. Something particularly brilliant about Manchester is the free talks which draw in passionate audiences; often falling into heated topical debate. You’ll come across seriously captivating individuals who could easily catalyse your career and goals.



In terms of career prospects, Manchester is filled with relentless opportunities. This includes thousands of jobs, copious recruitment fairs and plenty of networking opportunities. As a friendly and enthusiastic city, people are more than happy to point you in the right direction when it comes to your life pursuits.

Many of Manchester’s businesses are notoriously progressive when it comes to their work culture. Common perks include flexible hours, beautifully experimental office areas, and in-office bars. Nowadays there are even companies who allow dogs to roam about. Yes, this is the place.



If you’re looking to party during your studies, we cannot stress the vibrance of the nightlife. In fact, vibrance is a bit of an understatement. It’s hard to keep up with but it never gets boring. The music scene is absolutely drenched in talent; with new artists, club nights and DJs constantly coming up thick and fast. You might not have considered yourself a ‘going out’ person. Well, wait till you discover this place – that might just change.

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