Why Us?

In 12 weeks, our students all become fully fledged junior developers and are guaranteed job interviews with our range of fantastic partners.

Code Nation is the only UK coding school backed by a dedicated recruitment company.  This means you could very easily land a job with one of our amazing employers – including the likes of Sky, McCann & Amaze. These companies are itching to interview our graduates, meaning that upon completion of the course – you’re effectively set up for employment success.

Our students come from all walks of life, whether 18 years old and just entering the working world or 50 years old and needing a change of scene, we cater for everyone.

The average starting salary of our graduates is £23k in a junior developer role.


You can join the most exciting dev teams in the country through our apprenticeship programme.

Gone are the days of being paid minimum wage for making coffee all day. Instead, you’ll be fully integrated into the dev team – coding with the best, earning a real salary and making a real difference.


And finally, the most important thing…

Code Nation doesn’t just teach you to code, we’ll teach you wellbeing.


We host regular wellbeing sessions including mindfulness, yoga and stress management. These sessions are taught by external visitors who are experts in the field and will help you to become well-rounded and more than just your passion and skill.


Code Nation graduates leave with real jobs and real prospects.

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