Leona So

Leona’s one of our instructors, so she’s at the front of the class making the Code Nation curriculum come alive. She’s dedicated to providing the best possible education for our students and is always looking for ways to innovate and keep us moving forward.

Before joining us, Leona had been a Maths teacher for 10 years. She taught in schools and FE colleges, and her most recent role was teaching A-level Maths and Further Maths. As part of her role, she was a champion and Advanced Practitioner for ILT (Information Learning Technology). This meant that she trained more than 100 teachers across eight sites in the use of technology in teaching.

She’s passionate about using her knowledge to affect change, discover new pathways for learning and help other educators, as well as their students. As such, she’s delivered sessions for teachers from other schools at conferences and has given talks at the Bett show, which is the largest learning technology event in the UK.

Leona is heavily involved in the engineering and tech sector through her volunteer work with Django Girls, IET and Computing At School. Through this, she understands that there’s a significant digital skills gap in the UK and is keen to help fill this void by providing future coders with the tools they need to succeed. So she’s the perfect match for us!

Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python, Leona also is a regular attendee at Python Northwest User Group. When she’s not in the classroom, she also enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and ballet.

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