Our 12-Week Coding Course


At the end of Master – our 12-week course – you will be a fully fledged junior developer who is ready to get to work
in a stimulating new role.

The course is focused on practical exercises and hands-on projects, because that’s how you’ll really learn the craft of coding.
The theory only makes up a small part of the learning.

Course Content

Here are the six core modules:

1. Coding Fundamentals & the Principles of Good Technical Design
Learn how to think like a programmer and creatively approach problem-solving

2. Front-End Development
Get acquainted with HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, React, and Bootstrap

3. Back-End Development
Learn how to use Node.js and Express JS, and how to work with APIs

4. How to Be a Valuable Digital Professional
Build up wider (non-coding) skills you’ll need for success in the digital sector

5. Employer-Sponsored Final Project
Complete a real 3-week project (of your choosing) based on what you’ve learned over the previous 9 weeks

6. Cyber Security
Ensure your code is safe from the start with a secure by design approach.


19 Spring Gardens
M2 1FB


£6,000 inc. VAT


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