Our Mission

We’re on a mission to prove that anyone (with the right attitude) can learn to code.

Total immersion over a 12-week period, providing in excess of 480 hours of training in both technical and life skills, takes candidates from zero to ‘work ready’, significantly faster than traditional learning environments.

You have to commit to the course and throw yourself in from day one. Our program has been designed to “up the pace” steadily throughout the curriculum as well as to keep you smiling and learning about life as a coder.

We look for curious minds and our interview process is designed to help you determine for yourself if a career in coding is for you.


How do we do this?

Our students undertake our 12-week ‘Master’ course.

Each course gives you a fantastic, strong foundation in code so that you can go on to specialise in an area you really love.

And, not only do we give the tools for students to become great developers, we also help open doors to businesses who may be able to offer you a career. 

Even better, students get to work on an employer-sponsored project during their studies – and choose the business they do it for. This means they have an up-front opportunity to impress a future employer. And if they end up working for a business in our network, we won’t charge them a penny in fees – making them particularlty attractive candidates. This isn’t just a coding school; this is future-proof employability on a plate.

So if you’re a school or college-leaver, university graduate, someone looking to change careers or a digital practitioner wanting to upskill, we are the right school for you.

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