Andy Lord

Few people seem to have a grasp on the digital skills shortage in the UK – and that’s something that keeps our CEO Andy awake at night.

He took it up on himself last year to start making plans to set up his own coding school, creating an army of coders who can go on to carve out awesome careers in the tech sector – and help businesses struggling with resourcing when it comes to digital talent.

Andy’s long had his ear close to the ground on the digital skills issue; as CEO of Rethink Group – a 200-person-strong global talent management and recruitment business and parent company to Code Nation – he’s watched as clients scratch their heads and try to find more and more digitally skilled people to fill an increasing number of tech roles.

He’s beautifully fused his roles at Rethink and Code Nation, bringing the former’s clients in as supporters of the school; many of Rethink’s clients have already pledged to offer students interviews if they’re in a position to do so. How cool is that.

He’s also a nice guy who spends his time helping charities; primarily in his role as volunteer programme coordinator at Manchester’s Booth Centre. So there you go.

Andy lives in North Manchester with his family.

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