Our 12-Week Coding Course


At the end of Master – our 12-week course – you will be a fully fledged junior developer who is ready to get to work
in a stimulating new role.

The course is focused on practical exercises and hands-on projects, because that’s how you’ll really learn the craft of coding.
The theory only makes up a small part of the learning.

Course Content


Our Master Course

Our master course teaches you the fundamental areas of coding. You will have left having gained the promising ability to develop websites, apps, cyber security and more. Here is a roundup of the curriculum:

1. Coding Fundamentals & the Principles of Good Technical Design
Learn how to think like a programmer and creatively approach problem-solving

2. Front-End Development
Get acquainted with HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, React, and Bootstrap

3. Back-End Development
Learn how to use Node.js and Express JS, and how to work with APIs

4. How to Be a Valuable Digital Professional
Build up wider (non-coding) skills you’ll need for success in the digital sector

5. Employer-Sponsored Final Project
Complete a real 2-week project (of your choosing) based on what you’ve learned over the previous 10 weeks

6. Cyber Security
Ensure your code is safe from the start with a secure by design approach.


19 Spring Gardens
M2 1FB


£6,000 inc. VAT


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