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Immerse yourself in our business-led courses in a campus across the UK or in our state of the art virtual learning environment.

Intro to iOS

Unlock some of the hidden secrets that live in your Mac. Apple tech lovers, aspiring developers, coding newbies – this event is for everyone to have the chance to explore the fun you can have with a Mac!

  • Work in a real development environment, exploring iOS applications and using tools like Trello and Xcode

  • Explore Apple’s technologies including the Swift programming language and the iOS SDK to create your first interactive iPhone app

  • Use a handful of Apple’s iOS Software Development Kit and see how professionals build apps with the tools they use

  • Full time, 2 day course
  • Tickets will be advertised on our Eventbrite page

Intro to Coding

Welcome to the world of Software Development! We’ll be walking you through the basics of coding and helping you build your own website on this 2 day course. 

  • Establish the basics of coding, immerse yourself in tech and learn about life as a professional developer

  • Take the first steps to create a website with our instructors

  • Become familiar with HTML and CSS to create the front end of a website

  • Play with JavaScript too to make your website interactive

  • By the end of the course you can host it on GitHub, show it off to your friends, or even present it in an interview!

  • Tickets will be advertised on our Eventbrite page

Explore: iOS

Take your first steps into the world of iOS development with us in our virtual learning environment. Coding for iOS is a perfect introduction to see your efforts come to life with quick, visual results.

  • Code your first iPhone, iPad and MacOS apps using Xcode with storyboards
  • Learn how apps are designed using world-leading design philosophies
  • Understand how apps implement Al logic to simplify everyday activities
  • Work with Apple’s own iOS development kit to build our own prototypes
  • See why apps are designed and developed the way they are today
  • Perfect for coding beginners or those wanting to add Swift to their toolkit
  • 1-week course
  • 10am-3pm core learning hours, family and business friendly
  • You’ll need access to a Mac to join this course
Develop: Digital

Prepare yourself for modern remote working with the fundamentals of essential digital skills, regardless of the sector you’re working in.

  • Set up systems effectively ready for a remote-first experience
  • Develop a professional workflow
  • Use Zoom and other VC platforms effectively
  • Work collaboratively with Google’s suite of productivity tools (Docs, Calendar, G-Drive)
  • Use cloud apps
  • Understand the need for security with cloud apps and configuration
  • 2-week full time course

This course is supported by the Adult Education Budget, which means if you’re earning £17k or less, or you’re unemployed and in receipt of benefits, there is funding available for you to attend this course.

Develop: Coding

Understand the fundamentals of programming, get to grips with front-end development, take on mobile app or games development, and become acquainted with working in a professional development environment. 

  • Learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Python
  • Understanding development environments
  • Problem-solving and Agile methodologies
  • Find out if a career in tech is for you
  • Proven pathway to our Master bootcamp and Apprenticeships
  • 3 week, full-time course
  • Level 2 certificate in IT User Skills, Open Systems and Enterprise

This course is supported by the Adult Education Budget, which means if you’re earning £17k or less, or you’re unemployed and in receipt of benefits, there may be funding available for you to attend this course.

Master: Coding

Invest in your future self and become a professional Software Developer. We’ll teach you full stack software development, the art of business readiness, the commercial secrets that’ll get you ahead of the game. 

  • Start your career as a Junior Developer
  • 12-week, full-time coding bootcamp
  • Master full-stack development and learn to think like a professional
  • Guaranteed interviews with employers that are hungry for talent
  • Over 200 employers in our network of businesses
  • Earn up to £26k after graduating
  • Over 90% graduate employment
  • Attend learning sessions with our instructors skills coaches and employers from the comfort of your own desk

For only £5999 we are one of the most competitively priced coding bootcamps in the country!

We’ve partnered with a selection of finance partners to provide flexible loans to help more people access careers in the digital sector. You can find out more about them in the section below. 

Our Courses

We think it goes without saying that technical skills are a fundamental part of what our students learn; we also teach vital communication and collaboration skills that can help make a difference to modern businesses immediately.

That’s why our courses are entirely immersive and project led – whether it’s in a physical campus or the virtual learning environment – so we create new talent that is commercially aware, technically mature and exposed to industry practice from day one.

Explore app development for iOS systems, develop the fundamental skills of coding or master full-stack software development…

Learning at Code Nation vs University


Flexible student loans

We’ve partnered with two brilliant finance providers to give our students the choice of where to access their funding. Both providers specialise in education finance solutions to help aspiring individuals who require funding to achieve their career goals.





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Learn to code, anywhere in the world

Providing our students and apprentices with an opportunity to study from home is super important – so we’ve combined the best of virtual working with the best of campus life to create an environment that’s professional, collaborative and fun.

We’ve used Moodle Cloud and BigBlueButton to provide remote students with a high quality online learning experience to complement our courses. We also use Slack, Zoom, Teams, Hangout and FaceTime to catch up and hang out.

The VLE means all of our students can be immersed in their classroom learning, have the full bootcamp experience and access the support of the Code Nation team.

Our courses prepare students for life in the working world – regardless of where they study. Virtual students not only learn to code, they learn to code remotely and that gives them access to a whole new world of opportunities.

Working virtually is not only fun and engaging, but it’s helped more with teamwork whilst building our collective team project. Whether we used Google hangouts or Moodle, I felt we were a lot closer as a team. We could ask for help and screen share to everyone.

Master: Coding Course Graduate

What our students say

16 year old Matthew wanted to work as a Software Developer and he knew it wasn’t just college or uni that could get him there…

He joined our 12-week coding bootcamp as a self-funded student, found inspiration from the Pledgers who came to visit, and knew he’d made the right choice. Fast forward a few weeks, he’s learnt multiple coding languages, worked on team projects and landed a £25k role in his first 8 weeks at Code Nation.

Kyle had always been passionate about tech, but could never turn that interest into a career…

Until that is, he joined our Master: Coding course. Based out of our Chester campus, Kyle learned an immersive curriculum that gave him all the technical, professional and interpersonal skills he needs to succeed in the world of work, and graduated with a job as a Junior Developer at Zoek!

Our Pledgers

Our network of Pledgers are integral to your learning; providing insight to shape the content of our courses, delivering inspiring lightning talks and creating employment opportunities. We work with over 200 employers who hire their coders directly from us. They shape what we teach on our courses and let us know what businesses look for from their new recruits.

You’ll be equipped with the technical and commercial skills that employers are looking for so you join the businesses in our network like;

Code Nation have designed and implemented a highly effective curriculum. They work collaboratively with employers to ensure that the content is relevant and logical, developing skills which are in demand locally, regionally and nationally.


Code Nation has become a key part of our talent pipeline and we’ll take on more apprentices every year. The programme sets apprentices up for a seamless transition into the workplace with tailored learning on the course that’s close to their day job.


Bringing new people into the industry is really important for us, and partnering with companies like Code Nation allows us to accelerate that growth and stimulate the change we need.

EMIS Health

Amazing experience. Kind, friendly and incredibly fun atmosphere to work in that left me never wanting to leave! Stuart and Imran's' guidance was invaluable, and I am positive that I will still be contacting them in years to come when I need some help. This was an incredible journey where I have learnt skills in areas I've never heard of, and I have made amazing memories and friendships along the way.

Ben Maudslay

Code Nation has been the best decision of my life. All the staff are amazing and kind, the course is enjoyable, and I have learnt a lot.

Olivia Atkinson

Code Nation secured me a job which I can turn into a great career and also provided all the necessary training that I needed to excel. I couldn't recommend them enough. 

Thomas Hart

With no prior coding experience, Code Nation turned me into a Junior Developer! Code Nation gave me the tools and learning environment I needed to transition from a beginner to professional in 12 weeks. I'm glad I chose Code Nation as the place to begin my career, I owe the team so much and can't thank them enough for the journey I've been on!

Tom Lynch

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