Recruiting new members of your team can be a tricky process, as you have to find a way to balance speed with efficiency.

The right candidate is always out there if you’re prepared to wait, but it’s often the case that this slow and steady approach won’t be taken for a more junior position.

Similarly, getting a candidate in as quickly as possible is ineffective as you leave yourself open to missing out on the best talent out there, and sometimes hiring the wrong person altogether.

Striking a compromise is vital, and coding bootcamps can help provide a great solution for anyone looking to fill their team with valuable new members.

Advantages Of Recruiting Developers From A Coding School

High-Impact learning

The immersive, high-impact approach to learning that many coding schools (including Code Nation) take means that students learn exactly what they need to know to be great new employees when they graduate.

Many courses (and again, Code Nation is among them) also offer a hands-on final project at the end of the course. This allows students to get real, working experience of implementing what they’ve learned and put themselves to the test.

By taking this approach, coding schools give students knowledge of what to expect from the working world and this enables them to hit the ground running when they start at your business.

No complications, no bedding-in period, no culture shock. Just a great Junior Developer who’s ready and eager to work.

A business-built curriculum

One of the driving forces behind this ability to create amazing employable talent (and a vital point of difference between Code Nation and many other coding schools) is our approach to the things we teach.

When devising our curriculum, we seek input from the businesses we work with (who we call our Pledgers). They tell us what they want our students to learn and we work out if and how it can be worked into our learning programs.

This ensures transparency and trust, and means that the businesses who work with us are not just hiring the next wave of great coders, but also actively helping at every stage of their career journey.

We also invite Pledgers into our classrooms to share stories from their professional lives with students. This adds colour to students’ education and gives a true insight into what it’s like to work in tech.

Scaleable involvement

When you become a Code Nation Pledger, you can get involved in the entire process as much or as little as you’d like.

Some of our past and current partners chose to interview the top students as recommended by us, whereas others have dived in and spent time getting to know our students to see who will be the best fit as a part of their team.

With the 12-week course teaching students all the fundamentals in coding and computer programming, you’ll be able to effectively plan when your new employee will join your team without the insecurity of waiting for interviewee responses.

No obligation, no fees

When partnering with us, our Pledgers commit to interviewing our students when they’re looking for new recruits, but there’s no obligation to hire from us.

If you find that you’ve stuck up a rapport with one of our students and the interview goes as well as you expect, congratulations: you’ve found yourself a great new Junior Developer. In the unlikely scenario that you’ve not found the person you’re looking for, you don’t have to hire anyone.

What’s more, when recruiting junior developers from Code Nation, there are no recruitment fees, and we can also help facilitate the bedding-in process by providing your new employee with online resources.

On top of that, we also offer quarterly workshops to build on the skills already learnt in our Master Course, meaning that we can help develop skills even after the course has finished.

How Do I Recruit From A Coding School?

Companies can recruit future employees from Code Nation by joining our pledging programme.

Among those who’ve become pledgers are global advertising agency McCann, B2B service provider Manchester Digital and online retailer N Brown.

Just check out our Pledgers page and get in touch to be a part of it all.

If you’re interest in becoming a pledger, get in touch with us today!

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