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Grow your digital talent.

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Grow, hire or inspire.

We have a growing network of over 250 employers who we support with solutions to their digital skills needs. We offer a range of solutions from recruitment, including apprenticeships, to upskilling existing teams or creating bespoke development programmes.

Employers are also invited to shape what we teach! To make sure our curriculum is aligned with the skills your business needs to thrive.

Work with us


Direct or Apprentices

You can hire a junior software developer from any of our courses via our dedicated Talent Portal - a unique way of accessing work ready coders.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we will source the right candidate for you from our diverse alumni.

You can meet our talent at Graduation events and see for yourself the amazing individuals who could be a great match for your business!

"The pool of talent at Code Nation was unrivalled and we quickly realised we wouldn’t be able to choose just one candidate…”

Grow your Teams.

Commercial and Apprenticeships

Invest, retain and grow your tech teams. We can support you to grow from within by re-skilling or up-skilling your employees or hire new talent and train them through a Level 4 Apprenticeship or through other funding we have access to.

  1. On a commercial basis - Pay for talent to join one of our courses

  2. Subsidised through the Government Digital Bootcamp Initiative - In certain areas of England we can offer subsidies of up to 70% for Master Coding.

  3. As an Apprentice - Our completely unique approach to apprenticeships has been designed with both businesses and employees in mind.

Bespoke Training.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We can work with you to develop bespoke training programmes built on the back of our standard curricula. If you would benefit from a dedicated training programme, please get in touch.

“We had such a positive experience with Code Nation and were blown away with the calibre of student available. The quality of talent made it so difficult to choose from that we walked away with two candidates to join as Junior Developers" - Caspian Insurance


Hire future talent

We’ve devised a programme that creates employable talent – underpinned by our 12 week coding bootcamp - offering exciting training and career development at pace to ensure new hires will add value quickly.

The Software Developer Level 4 Apprenticeship lasts for 15 months and is available to study anywhere - choose from a campus or our virtual learning environment.

Zero fees.

There are zero recruitment or placement fees when you recruit your new Apprentice from Code Nation. In most cases the apprenticeship is covered by the Apprenticeship Levy so there are no training fees either.

Immersive Learning.

Your new hire will spend the first 12 weeks of their employment on our fully immersive ‘Master: Coding’ bootcamp. This forms the 20% of an apprentice’s ‘off the job’ learning requirement – meaning when they join you in week 13, your apprentice is with you full time and adding value.

Tailored technical training.

Your new recruits will take on our core curriculum in addition to your business’s tech stack. We can also coach apprentices in technologies which are not a part of our core curriculum, such as C# .NET, PHP, Python, AWS, Java, Swift & iOS.

Individual Learning Plans.

Code Nation will work with you the employer, and the apprentice, to create an individual learning plan to track progress and ensure all parties have the right amount of support to achieve success.


All apprentices sit the ‘Microsoft Exam 70-480: Programming with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3’, the ‘BCS Methodologies’ and ‘BCS Level 4 End Point Assessment’ as part of their qualification.

Inspire and Engage Students.

If you are passionate about inspiring the next generation of talent, we want to hear from you!

Inspire Speaker Events

Join us on our outreach programme and be part of Tech Talks, designed to inspire those who don’t yet know that coding could be for them.

Pledger Talks

We have two slots per week for businesses to present to learners and share with them “...a day in the life of” - what is it like to work in your business, what’s the culture, what kind of tech do you work with. A great opportunity to meet the learners and share what you’re doing as a business. Pledging employers can also get involved through:

  • delivering enrichment sessions e.g. leadership, agility, resilience and employability
  • develop a project and provide oversight/ mentor support during learners’ activities - a great way to meet students in action!
  • contribute to employability session content and offer interview preparation/mock assessment centres, preparing learners for their transition into work

Collaborate & Inform what we teach.

We work with employers of all sizes and across a variety of sectors to inform our curriculum. We want to ensure our learners acquire the technical and personal skills you need!

We run employer round tables to understand the skills challenges you are facing, and explore how we can shape our courses to provide real employer-led solutions.

If you are interested in providing support to the development of the curricula, whether technical, soft skills or how we deliver our courses, we would love to hear from you.

"They work collaboratively with employers to ensure that the content is relevant and logical. Through this curriculum, leaders and managers make a good contribution to developing employees with digital-talent skills which are in demand locally, regionally and nationally." Ofsted