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Software Development

If you’re successful at a recruitment day and secure an apprenticeship, your 15 month programme with your employer starts by completing our 12 week coding bootcamp. You’ll have the option to study through our virtual learning environment or in one of our state-of-the-art campuses – and you’ll be earning from day 1 of your training.


Excel: Software Apprenticeship

Become a techincal professional and start your career as a software engineer. The bootcamp covers (but is not limited to):

  • Fundamental coding principles using JavaScript
  • Core client-side web technologies - HTML & CSS
  • Modern JavaScript UI libraries - React.js
  • Server-side programming using JavaScript/Node.js and NPM.
  • Working with databases such as MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Full stack web application development

  • Working in an Agile environment with Kanban, timesheets & Trello
  • Lifecycle of a technical project
  • Development/technical responsibilities to project managers/client-services
  • Lightning talks from our employer network and guest speaker
  • Understanding the traits of a valuable team member
  • Mindfulness and mental resilience workshop
  • Weekly yoga sessions (optional)

Joining the Master bootcamp as an Apprentice.

Months 1-3 on the bootcamp

  • Individual learning plans set and reviewed weekly.
  • Weeks 1-9 Master curriculum.
  • Week 10 – Tailored learning according to your employer’s requirements.
  • Weeks 11 & 12 – Employer project.
  • Access to Pluralsight.

Then you join your employer.

Months 3-15 after the bootcamp

  • Monthly catchups with Skills Coaches.
  • Revision sessions for Microsoft and BCS Exams.
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No Learning Costs


Gain a nationally recognised qualification


Earn while you learn - average salary £21.5k


Employer set projects


Study remotely or in one of our campuses - or both!


"The apprenticeship allowed me to access a sector that would have normally be out of reach unless I went back to university. It's been a great place to start for me personally and would definitely recommend anyone wishing to get into software development investigate the apprenticeships on offer."