Grow with Grayce – Anam’s Story – From Stay at Home Mum to Technical Analyst

Anam Asif recently completed her 12-Week Master: Coding bootcamp thanks to support from Grayce. We caught up to find out what her experience was like throughout the course and how this has helped her to develop and improve her skills.
Why did you decide to choose a career in Tech? 
I originally come from India, and I moved to the UK about 5 years ago. I didn’t have a career of my own, I was a stay-at-home Mum looking after an 8-year-old and 2-year-old daughter.  
I had some social and cultural barriers which meant I couldn’t achieve a career back in India, so I decided to look for career paths after moving to the UK to create an identity of my own. I wanted to start somewhere. I had an early background in coding back when I was in school and decided to investigate this again. I started by doing a few courses on LinkedIn and Udemy and then I developed further interest in the subject. I then completed the Develop: Coding course with Code Nation and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned Python, a little bit of CSS & HTML and that is when I decided I wanted to do the Master course with Code Nation. 
I looked into this and found out more about the course costs and at that stage, I could not afford it so I found myself a job that was with Lloyds bank to help save and finance the course. During that time, I learnt about the Grow with Grayce Scholarship for WiT. I applied for it and happily I was successful with it so there I was, that is how I started the Master Course with Code Nation. 

How did you find your course overall? 
It was brilliant. It was very well structured, it was very informative, the teachers were very supportive and well informed and I loved it overall. 

 What types of things did you learn? Soft skills and technical skills 
To start, we covered HTML and CSS and created a website with just these two languages. Then we incorporated the DOM model utilizing JavaScript and then moved on to using the React Framework for building an interactive user interface, making react apps without a server and learned the fundamentals of node.js.  We then moved on to the Back End languages where we created a basic web server using Express and created REST API while testing them manually using Insomnia. Learnt how to use basic authentication system and purpose of JSON web token. We also learned to create and use database with MySQL and no SQL database like MongoDB, performing CRUD operations on them.  

By then end of the course, we created an entire app using all of the languages and technologies we learnt, creating a communication between the front-end and the back-end through use of REST API and displaying the data from the database we created on the app using react framework. Understanding the difference development and production where We deployed the front-end with Netlify and the Back-End with Heroku and successfully establishing a connection between them.  

 It was like we were given building blocks, like Lego blocks every week and at the end, we were told to create an impressive model using those bricks. I felt that everything was covered step by step and in detail. We were in charge of everything during our final project but also had immense support and help available from the tutors.   

How has this course helped you?
When I started, I was completely on my own, I was all over the place looking at this and that, learning different languages on my own. With Code Nation, you had somebody there to support you, to guide you in the right direction.  

I quickly discovered that Google is vast. If you go to learn one language, it will give you so many versions of it and so many different tutors, so what Code Nation’s master course did is give you guidance, It helped narrow down the path and let you choose the right one to go down.  
Thanks to this, I was able to work on two projects that used the react framework, so I now have a very strong knowledge of this language. I was able to create an app, develop the UI side of things and I am proud to have retained this knowledge. I am in a much better place now after completing my Code Nation course. 

I heard you have since been offered a role with Grayce, can you tell me more about this?  
I have since been offered a provisional position with Grayce as a technical analyst, which means I have successfully secured a position in their Tech+ development programme and they are in a process of looking for a client I will be working with and once approved I will have my start date. 

What advice would you give women interested in getting into the industry? 
Honestly, If I can do it, anyone can do it. I went from watching episodes of friends on a Monday morning on repeat to a position where I have a vision, every morning I get up and have something to look forward to. I have secured a position which I dint believe I could before starting with Code Nation.  

I would like to say to women or anyone who thinks that because they have young children, they are tied at home and with soaring childcare cost it is very difficult. However, if you have the determination and will, you will find a way, like I did with Code Nation and GRAYCE. Since the course was completely remote I was able to gain new skills without compromising on my responsibilities.  

Would you recommend this course for someone looking for a career change? 
Absolutely. This has truly helped me develop my skills and get started in a new industry.  
The Grow with Grayce Scholarship is designed for Women interested in getting started in Tech. No prior coding experience is required, all you need to do is tell us a little about yourself and why you think this scholarship would help you.
You will learn the fundamentals of coding and programming and gain the interpersonal skills needed to get started in Tech and you will also have a guaranteed interview with Grayce. If you are interested, apply today.