Cyber Security.

Begin your career as a Cyber Security Specialist!

Our 4-week Develop: Cyber course introduces you to the core principles required to enter the Cyber Security industry.

This course is for those with or without experience, however no technical knowledge is required.

You will learn the principles of Cyber Security, networking, online threats and deploying security tools to defend an online system.

To complete this course, you will create a portfolio of evidence, demonstrating practical skills, complete a project and sit an exam at the end of week 4.

Upon passing this course, you will receive 3 accredited qualifications, your very own portfolio to share with employers and have the knowledge to take your Cyber Security skills to the next level.

Gateway Qualifications | Level 1 | Accredited certification in Cyber Skills
TLM | Level 2 | Certificate in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics
Gateway Qualifications | Level 1 Award | Accredited certification in Employability Skills

Develop: Cyber

Discover what it is like to work in a Cyber Security team:

Week 1
  • Introduction to cyber-security
  • The nature of cyber threats
  • How attacks on big organisations are designed to work
  • Understanding the threats that companies face
  • Exploring the common threats related to systems including denial of service, financial crime, terrorism and many others
  • Examining the mechanisms used for common threats

Week 2
  • Understanding the OSI model
  • Exploring network services and how they can be exploited
  • Understanding the professional tools used to secure systems
  • Understanding how to protect systems
  • Exploring how the components of an operational cyber security system fit together
  • Plan out your own cyber secure system and implement them
  • Introduction to extended project

Week 3
  • Introduction to legislation and consolidation
  • Finalise the extended project and present it to the group

Week 4
  • Assessing how the law helps keep systems secure and GDPR
  • Complete your Level 2 exam (Including a combination of multiple choice and essay questions)

The Curriculum.

Our 4-week: Develop: Cyber Course is an intensive course for beginners and those with limited experience, no technical knowledge required to gain new skills.

The course combines:

  • Gateway Qualifications | Level 1 | Accredited certification in Cyber Skills
  • TLM | Level 2 | Certificate in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics | 4 weeks
  • Gateway Qualifications | Level 1 Award | Accredited certification in Employability Skills

Week 1 overview – Cyber security is a big deal. The consequences of having a poorly equipped or designed system can be catastrophic. In your first week you will cover the kinds of threats that systems face and the impact they have on individuals and organisations. 

Week 2 overview  This week you will begin to use key cyber professional tools to keep networked systems and data safe. through hands-on labs and activities. You will explore how devices are compromised and you will follow a cyber exploit from inception to completion.

Week 3 overview In week three you will learn about policies and procedures that must be implemented to secure systems as well as the law. You will also complete an extended project focused on defending an online system, where you will get the opportunity to explore a working security system and plan and implement a cyber safe product. You will rigorously test the system and evaluate its performance. 

Week 4 overview  In week four you will be assessing how the law keeps systems secure, understanding why GDPR is important, and revising for the Level 2 exam. You will sit the exam on the final day of the course.

This is a full time course, running 9:30 – 17:30,  Monday – Friday for 4 weeks.

Over 90% Pass Rate
Built in employability training
Study remotely!
Funding available for qualifying students

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