Master: Cyber

In a world where there’s increasing demand for digital skills, there couldn’t be a better time to start your journey to becoming a business-ready Cyber Security Technician.

Mapped to level 4, Our 12-week Master: Cyber Security Skills Bootcamps is truly shaped by business. You will learn essential knowledge that can’t be found in a textbook – like problem-solving, communication skills and working in a team, as well as the key technical and commercial skills.

All our courses are created with our extensive employer network and include employability sessions to support you to land or progress into that dream job in tech.

Master: Cyber

Gain the tech skills required by the industry. This course covers: 

  • Cyber Security Principles and Policies 
  • Advanced Windows, Linux and Android OS practises
  • Attack and Defence planning and Documentation 
  • Practical experience with penetration testing tools like Metasploit 
  • Vulnerability Scanning  
  • Network management, both hardware and software  
  • Audit and improve existing IT Policies  
  • Scripting and Deploying Patches 
  • Develop the commercial skills required to join Cyber Security teams skills required to join Cyber Security teams.  
  • Experience working to industry standards and following standardised practises 
  • A Broad understanding of the history of CyberCrime and how it relates to modern security templates 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Experience as a Pentester
  • Hear from industry speakers

The Curriculum

Developed in collaboration with our network of 250+ employers , we are confident that in just 12 weeks, you will learn the essential skills and knowledge required to begin your career as a Cyber Security Specialist.  

This course is mapped to level 4; you will leave this course with an understanding of the basic Cyber Security principles and policies, attack and defence planning, and network management.

Commercial and Personal Development

We deliver not only a technical curriculum but also include the wider interpersonal and employability skills employers are looking for in the industry. You will build on your communication, problem solving, and leadership skills. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to hear from industry speakers 

You will learn how to work in an agile environment with the lifecycle of a technical project, working with project managers and how to work effectively in teams as Cyber Specialists. You will have the opportunity to develop your communication skills throughout the course and understand the traits to become a valuable team member.

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No entry requirements
Built in employability training
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Study remotely!
Funding available for qualifying students

Jenny's Story

“I started on Code Nations explore course, then progressed to Develop and then enrolled on the 12-week bootcamp in January 2020, hoping to change my career. I had no coding skills or knowledge when I started, but my instructors assured me that at the end of my training I would be part of a team building a fullstack app.

They were right, that’s exactly what happened. They gave me the skills to build my own website using React and many other projects that I was so proud of.

I’m now an Apprentice at Urban Technology Group and so pleased to be given this life changing opportunity”