Master: Data Analysis

In a world where there’s increasing demand for digital skills, there couldn’t be a better time to start your journey to becoming a business-ready Data Analyst.

Our 12-week Part-time ‘Data Analysis’ Skills Bootcamp is an immersive course focused on data analysis and the data analysis process.

You will be taught how to use statistical methods to describe and summarise small and large sets of data, how to structure data for effective analysis, how to explore new data and clean results, and how to visualise data for different audiences. You will also be taught how to recognise outliers, patterns, and correlations within data sets.

You will get the opportunity to demonstrate your skills through personal and group projects, as well as practicing functional IT with use of different software, folder management, file management, and general computer use.

Master: Data Analysis

Gain the tech skills required by the industry. The course covers:

  • Analysing Problem Statements
  • Gathering Data
  • Cleaning Data
  • Data Visualisation
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Python
  • Pandas, Numpy, and Matplotlib
  • SQL / MySQL Workbench
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Data Projects and Presentations

The Curriculum

The Code Nation: Data Analysis Bootcamp is aimed at anyone wanting to gain or enhance their Data Analysis and problem solving skills, designed to give you the skills needed to begin an entry level position in Data Analysis.

The bootcamp is a 12-week, part-time course where you will work though the five main steps of defining a problem statement, acquiring data, cleaning data, analysis data with descriptive statistics, and visualising data for reports. These steps provide an introduction to some of the most sought-after skills in data analysis, using tools like Python, SQL, Excel, and Power BI, while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, and domain knowledge.

Commercial and Personal Development

We deliver not only a technical curriculum but also include the wider interpersonal and employability skills employers are looking for in the industry. 

You will develop and build on your communication, problem solving, project collaboration, presentation, and leadership skills.  

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to hear from industry speakers and receive personalised coaching from experienced data, technology and change professionals. 

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No entry requirements
Built in employability training
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Study remotely!
Funding available for qualifying students

Jenny's Story

“I started on Code Nations explore course, then progressed to Develop and then enrolled on the 12-week bootcamp in January 2020, hoping to change my career. I had no coding skills or knowledge when I started, but my instructors assured me that at the end of my training I would be part of a team building a fullstack app.

They were right, that’s exactly what happened. They gave me the skills to build my own website using React and many other projects that I was so proud of.

I’m now an Apprentice at Urban Technology Group and so pleased to be given this life changing opportunity”