Yasmin Fennell

Yasmin Fennell

Communications Manager Yasmin works as the Communications Manager at Code Nation, looking after internal and external communications. She has a background in marketing, engagement, and communications and is a collaborative, creative digital marketing, professional with over five years’ experience. She enjoys interacting and enjoys conversing with people from different cultural backgrounds and prides herself on championing diversity and wellbeing in the workplace.

Lead Admissions Advisor

Code Nation is seeking a passionate Admissions Advisor to identify, engage and onboard students to a variety of Code Nation Skills Bootcamps…

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Have your say and help create the next level of talent - Employer Bootcamp Curricula Survey

Over the last 18 months the need for digital skills has increased exponentially across a wide range of sectors. Code Nation are planning to develop a number of new Skills Bootcamp courses to support workforce re-skilling and up-skilling in tech skills.  

Bootcamps are for new and existing employees which can be run over a short duration (up to 16 weeks) and can be full or part time. In order for them to have the highest impact we want to seek your input to ensure our Skills Bootcamps reflect the technical, commercial, and personal skills employers are seeking to develop in their teams. 

This short survey will allow us to ensure our curriculum reflects the needs of employers.