So... what is coding?
Imagine lines of code to be the equivalent of bricks. When you put enough bricks together you make a house. When you put enough lines of code together you can make a website, or an app, or just about anything really!
Will I be able to do it?
Absolutely! Before the industrial revolution, if you’d asked if everyone could read they would have said no! Coding is just like learning any skill – of course it’s not going to be a walk in the park, but with our formula of practical classes and easily digestible lessons you’ll be on your way in no time!
What will it cost?
The 12-week Master course costs £6,000.00 including VAT
Find out more about our course options.
What will I learn?
We’re not here to teach you one simple language, we’re here to help you understand the fundamentals of coding, which you can then apply to whatever language you choose to specialise in later on. For more information about the content of our courses just take a look here.
What will I get when I graduate?
When you graduate from our Master course you’ll get an accredited CPD certificate, your place in our Code Nation alumni community and the chance to meet prospective employers – not to mention you’ll be armed with a set of brand new tech skills.
Where is the coding school?
We are located in central Manchester and Chester
I don't live in Manchester, can I learn online?
We want our students in the room so that we can all learn more; perhaps one of our 1-week courses is right for you; it requires a short-term stay in Manchester but that’s a treat in itself… Or register with us and we’ll let you know as soon as we host courses in other areas of the UK.
Do I need my own hardware? Laptop?
Nope. We’ve got you covered. We provide you with the very latest Macs at no extra cost, so you know you’re learning on the best equipment available. Just bring yourself and an appetite to learn.
What topics will you cover?
You’ll be exposed to a wide range of topics to get you ready for your coding career. You’ll have intensive JavaScript training and learn coding principles that can be applied to other languages; back-end development using Node.js and database technologies such as MongoDB. You will also get to do some front-end development using HTML, SCSS with JavaScript and libraries like React to get a thorough understanding of full-stack development. And we make sure that you learn the principles of cyber security throughout your course ensuring that you always code safely.
I've attended courses at another coding school in the past; will this still be worth my while?
Yes. Digital technology moves at an alarmingly fast rate, so there’s always something new to pick up on if you feel that you want to boost your coding skills.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments by credit card and BACS.
Can I choose whatever I want for my final project?
We have projects that are sponsored by employers that we work with, but if you want to work outside of those you’re welcome to. Just have a chat to one of your trainers.
What is a Code Nation Pledger?
Pledgers are our group of more than 40 partners businesses. We call them this because they’ve pledged to interview graduates of our Master Course. This means that if you complete the course, you’re guaranteed to be interviewed by one of these great businesses if they are in position to hire.
Are there alternative ways to enrol?

We offer three other paths to the Master Course. You can be offered a bursary or scholarship, or take an apprenticeship.

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