Develop: Coding L2

Internationally Accredited Level 2 Qualification. 

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Code Nation, in partnership with PwC Academy, the talent and skills development business of PwC Middle East, is introducing a number of courses tailored for professionals at each stage of their coding journey. Start your journey to become a coder and develop your own websites and Python applications in just 3 weeks. Our Level 2 accredited course covers technical training and core skills development required by working professionals.

Develop: Coding

A great taste of what the industry is like where you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of coding with Python
  • Web development with HTML and CSS
  • To work with professional tools like Visual Studio Code, Slack, GitHub, Trello and agile principles
  • To work with professional tools like Visual Studio Code, Slack, GitHub, Trello and agile principles
  • Create a Python text-based adventure game
  • Built in employability training shaped by hiring employers
  • Employer Tech Talks

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for beginners and individuals who have minimal experience with coding in HTML, CSS and Python. Tailored to help you progress quickly into the Tech industry by giving you the fundamental skills and knowledge required by leading employers worldwide.

Course Overview

Our 3 week Develop: Coding Course is designed to introduce you to the core principles of modern software development, an introduction to programming and web development using our project-based, immersive learning approach. This course is for beginners and those with experience alike, no technical knowledge is required and the common feedback from our graduates should give anyone confidence that this is a great way to enter the world of coding.

The Develop Coding Course helps you on your path to becoming a professional developer. This course strengthens your commercial skills and collaboration techniques, as well as your technical skills.

You will also be able to attend Employer talks from our network of Employers to get a great glimpse into the life of a Developer. Once completed, you will be awarded a Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills in Open Systems and Enterprise, accredited by the independent awarding body, The Learning Machine. Our course is available for 7499 UAE

Once you have completed your course, you will receive a certificate issued by Code Nation and PwC to support your application for employment in one of the most in-demand roles in the region.

Course Cost and Eligibility Requirements

The course costs: AED 7499

You will need:

  • A laptop/computer

  • An internet connection with unlimited data

  • Full time availability, Monday to Friday: 11:45am – 8:00pm Gulf Standard Time (GST)

Start dates:

  • Every Monday

Level 2 Certificate in IT Users Systems and Enterprise
Built in employability training
Over 2500 learners trained.
94% Pass rate
Remote Learning Environment

In your first week, you will be given an introduction to the Virtual Learning Environment, meet your development team, and download all of the software you need to become a developer. You will then begin your journey into Python

  • Introduction to Python
  • Properties and methods, Variables, If else, Functions, Lists and Loops
  • Set up a Development Environment
  • Develop problem solving skills through in class challenges and activities

In your second week, you will begin to apply your knowledge to your own Python project – A text based adventure game. You will work in a small development team and get a real feel for the workflow of a development project.

  • Utlise Collaborative technologies
  • Apply the Agile methodology
  • Work in a development team to plan and create a unique Python text-based adventure game


In your final week, you will complete an employability session created in partnership with our employers, create your very own website and then publish this live to use in your own portfolio.

  • Employability Coaching Session
  • Apply Web Design Fundamentals to your own Website project
  • Create a Unique Website and Publish to a Live Server
  • Registration to the Talent Portal for further training and employment opportunities

By the end of this course, you will have an accredited L2 Coding qualification & your very own portfolio to share with employers and have the knowledge to take your coding skills to the next level

Why train full time?

Commiting to training full time over 3 weeks is a proven way to quickly develop your knowledge and skills to enter the Tech Industry. Our course has been designed to teach you the fundamentals and give you the chance to implement these on your own projects quickly, meaning you do not need to spend as much time revisiting previous topics. The full time approach also gives you the experience of working in a real development team, helping you to decide if this career is right for you.

Alex OrlandiLevel 2 Student
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"My foundation in coding principles from the develop course gave me a great platform to grow my understanding of different languages and technologies."
Charmaine ConnorsLevel 2 Student
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"I wanted more structured learning and I wanted to give myself the best possible chance of understanding and developing my skills."
Kim McLellandLevel 2 Student
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"Excellent course. Learnt python, html and CSS. Explained really well, friendly tutor, I learnt a lot and really enjoyed the course. Great relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Covered a lot of ground in only 3 weeks. I really feel confident to enter the industry now. I recommend Code Nation to anyone who wants to get into coding"

What to expect?

Showcase Portfolio

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Online Learning

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Mindfullness and Wellbeing

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Experienced Trainers

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Student Story

”When I started with CodeNation, I knew nothing about programming aside from maybe some scraps I had picked up from some YouTube tutorials. Code was an indecipherable script to my eyes, but after the short 3 weeks I spent on their Develop course; I not only comprehend programming syntax, but I have a foundation of skills built that has allowed me to delve into other computer languages.

The classes were engaging and we learned at a very good pace, with the tutors covering the basics of a core coding concept and then giving us the freedom to experiment and research on our own. The workflow was good, the learning environment and schedule was nicely adapted to the “work from home” model.

Our teachers were also very patient and would go over parts that the class was struggling on, or maybe experiencing errors with. Feedback was prompt and very useful. By the end of the course, the projects I had developed as part of the coursework were things I could look back on with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Thanks to CodeNation, I can now move forward on my coding journey with confidence.”