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Senior Instructor

Dan Krishnan

As an instructor at Code Nation, Dan’s job is to deliver the curriculum in a way that inspires and engages our students. He’s passionate about coding and believes that learning to write code can completely change your life.

Dan’s passionate about helping people reach their goals (whatever they might be) and ensuring that all our students are making amazing progress. Before joining Code Nation he was a QTS-certified secondary school science teacher (specialising in Physics), and so is well accustomed to getting the most out of eager learns.

While teaching, Dan was also learning. He developed his technical skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) in his own time and decided to start looking for jobs in the tech industry. He found Code Nation and the opportunity to combine his passion for teaching with his love of writing code opened up. He believes that our mission of helping people get employed in the tech industry is truly inspiring and something he’s super grateful to be a part of.

A typical day might involve introducing a topic and then guiding students through projects and challenges so they are constantly developing their technical skills. He also has the opportunity to develop his own skills (with the help of our team) by working on a wide variety of apps and projects.

Outside of work, Dan hangs out with his wife (she’s much cooler than he is) and can offer reviews on most of the shows on Netflix. He’s a keen gym-goer, squash player and 5-a-side footballer, and when he goes travelling, he become a professional photographer as well (at least in his own head). However, whatever activity he’s doing, all he’s really thinking about is code!

Find Dan on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dan-krishnan-1595a3172/



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