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We partner with forward-thinking businesses of all sizes, sectors and specialisms because everyone needs great tech talent.

Hiring your future talent from Code Nation is simple – we train technically mature, commercially award and industry savvy professionals and businesses hire them for free. This is our Pledger programme and we’d love you to be part of it.

What You’ll Get

The Benefits

As a Pledger you’ll be able to use our amazing facilities, inspire our students with lightning talks and unlock a range of other benefits, including:

Shape what we teach

We regularly invite Pledgers to contribute to our curriculum which means your talent is learning the skills your business needs. Apprentice students will also be working with your tech stack throughout their time on the bootcamp so they’re ready to hit the ground running.

Early access to talent

Pledgers can interview our graduates before they hit the job market, gaining access to the next generation of talent before anyone else.

Pay Zero Fees

If you find your dream employee after interviewing our graduates, you won’t have to pay a penny in recruitment fees to hire them – you won’t find that anywhere else. And if they join you as an Apprentice, their training has already been paid for by the Apprenticeship Levy. 

What we teach

Everything is core

It goes without saying that tech skills are a fundamental part of what we teach. But we know that you need more: well-rounded staff that can make meaningful contributions from the minute they start.

That’s why our curriculum focuses equally on three core elements: technical ability, commercial expertise and personal skills. No one discipline takes precedence. Everything is core.

“It is very beneficial that the students already understand the developer working lifestyle when they come to us”

Fluid Digital – MANCHESTER



Students learn how to think like a programmer, get to grips with key tools and languages, and apply what they’ve learned to real-world, hands-on projects. 

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Coding Tutorial Session_Body Image | Code NationStudents understand common cyber threats, learn how to defend against them and get to grips with key legislation like GDPR.

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How we teach

Creating employable talent

Thanks to our high-impact approach to education, students are immersed in tech from the moment they start.

They don’t just learn the theory; everything they do is hands-on and project-based, so whether they’re getting to grips with HTML and CSS or understanding timesheets and Kanban boards, they learn by doing under the direction of an expert team of instructors.


Where we’re based

World-class learning environments

Our campuses are world-class learning environments that offer students everything they need for group learning and independent thinking.

We set up in cities that are pushing the boundaries in tech and look to partner with companies who are driving that change.

Collage Of Coding Students_Body Image | Code Nation

The Code Nation Community

Our Culture

We’re proud of our inclusive environment and are committed to helping our students feel part of it.

Whether it’s extra sessions with instructors, talks from guest speakers, quiz nights with their peers or even the odd race on Mario Kart – we give our students every chance to thrive in our community.

All of this means you’ll be getting students with an experience of a cohesive environment – the ideal preparation for their step up to your team.

Student Laughing During A Coding Discussion_Body Image | Code Nation


There’s even more information about who we are, what we do and why we do it in our brochures. Click the one you’re interested in to download it.

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