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General Questions

What is coding?

Coding is the skill needed to create a website, app or other kinds of technical platform. To get a clearer idea, imagine lines of code as the equivalent of bricks. When you put enough bricks together, you make a house. When you put enough lines of code together, you can make a website, or an app, or just about anything really!

What is cyber security?

Cyber security describes any actions that are taken to defend networks, systems or information from online attacks. All businesses need cyber security measures, though some will require more robust protection. For example, a bank or ecommerce site like Amazon will need very strong cyber security measures to ensure confidential customer information is safe.

Will I be able to learn these skills?

Absolutely! Learning tech skills is just like learning any other skill. Of course, it’s not going to be a walk in the park, but with our formula of practical classes and easily digestible lessons you’ll be on your way in no time.

Am I too old to start learning tech skills?

Of course not! Loads of people have learned skills like these later on in life, most notably one of our past students Reuben, who began coding when he was into his 40s. You can read more about older people learning to code in our blog.

Should I attend even if I have past tech experience?

Absolutely! Code Nation is all about creating employable talent. This means that you’ll not only learn the discipline you want, but also the business and interpersonal skills you need to get a job.

Where are the campuses?

Our campuses are located in the city centres of Manchester and Chester.

Can I see what the campuses are like?

Certainly. We run free monthly open evenings at our campuses, so you can wander around, ask a few questions and even hear inspirational talks from one of our fantastic Pledger companies. Find out more on our Open Evenings and Events page.

What is a Code Nation Pledger?

Pledgers are our group of partner businesses. We call them this because they’ve pledged to interview graduates of our Master Course. This means that if you complete the course, you’re guaranteed to be interviewed by one of these great businesses.

What are the prospects for Code Nations graduates?

98% of Code Nation graduates found work within six days of graduating, so your prospects of landing a great job in the tech industry after leaving us are very good indeed!

How much can I expect to earn in the tech sector?

Salaries vary greatly, depending on the skills you have, the role you fill and the industry you enter. However, an average starting salary for a Junior Developer is £23,500.

Course Questions

Do I need previous experience?

No. Anyone can learn to code given the right attitude! Age, previous experience and interests shouldn’t come into, as our experience has taught us that a great coder can come from anywhere. Some of our students have experience in coding and cyber security, but other come to us without any past exposure to the field, so all that’s needed is a great work ethic and you can take our courses. Take a look at some testimonials to learn more about the diverse backgrounds of our students.

Do I need my own laptop?

Nope, we’ve got you covered! We provide you with the very latest MacBooks at no extra cost, so you know you’re learning on the best equipment available. Just bring yourself and an appetite to learn.

How long are the courses?

The Master courses last for 12 weeks, whereas the Develop courses last for three weeks. The Intro To iOS course consists of just two evening sessions. Find out more about our courses.

Are Code Nation courses available online?

Not at the moment. At present, we prefer a face-to-face learning experience, so most of our courses are delivered at our campuses. We do offer bespoke courses for businesses in which we can teach at any location around the country, so if you’d prefer this, get in touch!

Is there any pre-course work I need to complete?

No. Once you’re accepted on one of our courses, you’re on it. No pre-course work is necessary.

What is it like being on a Code Nation course?

Amazing, even if we do say so ourselves. We pride ourselves on creating a friendly environment that puts the focus on high-impact learning. This means that you’ll learn a curriculum that’s shaped by businesses and which will teach you all the key skills you need to get a job. We’ve also got FIFA and Mario Kart, so if you fancy yourself a gaming expert, you can test your skills in your free time!

How many hours of education are there on each course?

Our Master courses offer 480 hours of education across 12 weeks, and our Develop courses offer 120 hours over three weeks. The Intro to iOS course is comprised of two evening sessions.

How much one-to-one time with instructors is there on each course?

Our Master courses offer 40 hours of one-to-one time with your instructor per week, and our Develop courses offer weekly one-to-one sessions. The Intro to iOS course is comprised of two evening sessions.

What will I learn?

We’re not here to teach you one language; we’re here to help you understand the fundamentals of coding and cyber security, which you can then apply to whatever you choose to specialise in later on. For more information about the content of our courses just take a look here.


Do you teach anything besides tech skills?

We believe that the best approach to tech is to become a well-rounded employee, which is why we incorporate interpersonal and business skills into the courses we teach. This includes sessions on how to fill timesheets, manage projects and work as part of a team. We’ve found that giving our students the chance to learn such skills also benefits them when starting a new job as there is less need to adapt to a professional environment compared with students coming from a university background.

What topics do you cover on your coding courses?

We cover a wide range of topics to get you ready for your coding career. You’ll have intensive JavaScript training, learn coding principles that can be applied to other languages and get to grips with back-end development using Node.js and database technologies such as MongoDB. You will also get to do front-end development using HTML, SCSS with JavaScript and libraries like React to gain a thorough understanding of full-stack development. The depth of your education depends on whether you take a long 12-week Master Course or a short 3-week Develop Course.


What topics do you cover on your cyber security courses?

We’ll go over all the essentials to prepare you for a career in cyber security. First off, we’ll run through the basics of cyber threats and learn about the different types of attacks. After that, we’ll move on to cover key principles such as the OSI model, important hardware and software, and the impact of GDPR legislation. You’ll also have the chance to complete a final project in which you’ll bring together all the skills you’ve learned. The depth of your education depends on whether you take a long 12-week Master: Cyber Course or a short 3-week Develop: Cyber Course.


What topics do you cover on the Intro To iOS course?

On the first night of the iOS course, we’ll look at the key functions of iOS and learn about the Apple Software Development kit to give you the platform needed to start building your own apps. We’ll then begin covering Xcode Storyboards, enabling you to develop an interactive user interface for the first time. The second night will start with an in-depth look at Table View, the interface object used by Apple and Spotify, and finally, you’ll get acquainted with the structure of Swift.

Can I decided what to do for my final project?

We have projects that are sponsored by our Pledgers businesses, but if you want to work outside of those you’re welcome to.

What will I get when I graduate?

Graduates from our Master: Coding course get an accredited CPD certificate, and those on an apprenticeship will also get a Level 4 Diploma in Software Development. Graduates from our Develop: Coding course get a Level 2 Certificate in Software Development.

Students on our Cyber courses receive similar qualifications, with Master: Cyber students receiving a CPD certificate (along with a Cyber Security Technologist Level 4 qualification for those on an apprenticeship), and Develop: Cyber graduates getting a Level 2 Certificate in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.

All Code Nation graduates also become part of our alumni community, allowing you to maintain your connections and improve your skills even after you finish your course with us.

Finance Questions

What will it cost?

The 12-week Master courses cost £6,000 plus VAT. Our Develop: Coding course costs £999 plus VAT and our Develop: Cyber course costs £1,500 plus VAT. The Intro to iOS course is free.

Are there alternative ways to enrol?

There are three other paths to our Master Courses. You can apply for a bursary or scholarship, or take an apprenticeship. Our Develop courses aren’t available through the apprenticeship pathway and will need to be self-funded or funded by a bursary, scholarship or the Adult Education Budget (AEB).


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by credit card and BACS.

Pledger Programme Questions

What is a Code Nation Pledger?

Pledgers are our group of partner businesses. By working with us, these businesses can help solve their digital skills shortage by getting early access to our pool of tech talent.

What do I get for becoming a Pledger business?

All of our Pledger businesses get access to the latest tech talent, and they also have the chance to prepare any future employees with the skills they need by having a say in the content which goes into our curriculum. You can learn more about the benefits of becoming a Pledger here.

How can I sign up my business and become a Pledger?

To become a Pledger business, get in touch with our CEO Andy Lord by dropping him an email at andy@wearecodenation.com, or for more general enquiries you can message hello@wearecodenation.com

Who can become a Code Nation Pledger?

Anyone and everyone. Whatever size you are and whichever sector you’re in, you’re more than welcome to join the Code Nation Pledger Programme. We’re here for everybody!

How much does it cost to become a Code Nation Pledger?

Nothing! Joining our Pledger Programme is absolutely free of charge!

What businesses are already Code Nation Pledgers?

The likes of the BBC, AO.com, Money Supermarket and N Brown Group are already Code Nation Pledgers, so you’ll be in good company when you sign up.


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