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Director of Cyber Security

Richie Nation

Richie’s our cyber security wizard. His job is to oversee the magic that’s delivered through our Master: Cyber and Develop: Cyber courses and ensure that everyone who takes one gets a comprehensive, practical and modern education that they can use to build their career as a Cyber Technologist.

Before joining Code Nation, Richie served in the Royal Air Force for 22 years as an IT and Communications Technician. He spent the last five years of his service teaching Microsoft Server and Exchange, and four of those years were spent driving forwards a Cyber Security curriculum.

This experience has given him an understanding of what too many buffers and restrictors can do to technical education. He’s driven by a desire to solve these problems, and when he saw what we were doing to turn students into business-ready cyber security professionals in just three months, he wanted in! Richie built our Master: Cyber curriculum from the ground up with the help of @Stuart Kirby (can we tag him?) and network of clients, to create a genuine solution to the demand businesses have for Cyber Security skills.

Richie is CREST accredited and, as an ex-serviceman, knows a thing or two about working in fast-paced, high-importance situations. He’s massively hyped up to bring this experience to Code Nation, and is determined to help as many future cyber security technologists get their careers underway as possible.

When he’s not at work, most of Richie’s time is spent with his young family and mad cockapoo. But when he has the chance, he likes to get out on his mountain bike, read a book, (badly) strum a guitar, listen to music and watch films. Sometimes he gets the cyber itch again though and tries to root out a box on Hack the Box.



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