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Start your journey to become a Software Developer and develop a website in just 3 weeks. The Level 2 accredited course covers the technical training and an employer set project.


Develop: Coding

A great taste of what the tech industry is like. You'll learn:

  • The fundamentals of coding with Python
  • Web development with HTML and CSS
  • To work with professional tools like Visual Studio Code, Slack, GitHub, Trello and agile principles
  • You'll also receive built in employability training shaped by hiring employers
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Level 2 Certificate in IT Users Systems and Enterprise


Built in employability training shaped by hiring employers


No entry requirements or entry exam


Access to our Talent Portal to match to vacancies


Funding available for qualifying students


Alex's Story.

“The three week course seemed like a great place to start my journey to become a junior developer. I Learned the programming language Python. The first steps were challenging but my course tutors were always on hand to answer any questions and make me feel more comfortable. My skills had grown loads in just 2 weeks and felt like working in a development team on the project assignment. Going from not being able to code to creating and building a game that functioned and worked in python was amazing.

I’ve taken those skills to the next level and I’m now an apprentice software developer.”

“...a perfect training experience. I have come out of this course not only feeling confident that I would like to pursue web development, but i genuinely feel more confident in my being."