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Using Code Nation to bolster your development teams is frictionless. We create employable talent on demand, customise the tech stack of your new hires and then give it away for free. Like recruitment… but better.

We’ve created a totally unique solution to your technical recruitment challenges

The war for talent means finding your next generation of digital super stars is becoming harder and harder.

Code Nation is laser-focused on the demands of the technical landscape and understand what modern businesses need from their new recruits.

We work directly with employers in need of talent to engineer business-led training courses and provide a genuine solution to their recruitment challenges.

Here’s how we can help you;

Business engagement
The critical path to success is the engagement of businesses to create a bespoke training programme. Aside from our brilliant instructors, the best education comes from working closely with the business community to shape what we teach.

Immersive learning
The most effective way to create talent that’s ready for work is to ask as if they are already there. Each of our training courses has been created to immerse students in the working world of tech and digital, from project planning to time sheets. 

Early access to tech talent
Pledging businesses have early access to talent that has graduated from our courses before they hit the job market, and they make great apprentices because they’ve already had up to 600 hours of training with us. Our team will find you the best talent most suited to your organisation. 

Pay zero fees
If you find your dream employee after interviewing our talent, you won’t have to pay a penny in recruitment fees to hire them. And if they join you as an apprentice, their training has already been paid for by the Apprenticeship Levy.

Employer-led training

Our training courses are built with employment in mind; that’s why over 90% of graduates are now working in tech, and over 200 businesses hire their new talent from Code Nation.

We don’t just teach people how to code, we create employable talent. Take a look at our course handbook to find out more about what your future talent will learn.

Our Pledgers

Our network of Pledgers are integral to our student’s learning; providing insight to shape the content of our courses, delivering inspiring lightning talks and creating employment opportunities. We work with over 200 employers who hire their coders directly from us. They shape what we teach on our courses and let us know what businesses look for from their new recruits.

Our students are equipped with the technical and commercial skills that employers are looking, and we already work with businesses like;

Code Nation have designed and implemented a highly effective curriculum. They work collaboratively with employers to ensure that the content is relevant and logical, developing skills which are in demand locally, regionally and nationally.


Code Nation has become a key part of our talent pipeline and we’ll take on more apprentices every year. The programme sets apprentices up for a seamless transition into the workplace with tailored learning on the course that’s close to their day job.


Bringing new people into the industry is really important for us, and partnering with companies like Code Nation allows us to accelerate that growth and stimulate the change we need.

EMIS Health

Amazing experience. Kind, friendly and incredibly fun atmosphere to work in that left me never wanting to leave! Stuart and Imran's' guidance was invaluable, and I am positive that I will still be contacting them in years to come when I need some help. This was an incredible journey where I have learnt skills in areas I've never heard of, and I have made amazing memories and friendships along the way.

Ben Maudslay

Code Nation has been the best decision of my life. All the staff are amazing and kind, the course is enjoyable, and I have learnt a lot.

Olivia Atkinson

Code Nation secured me a job which I can turn into a great career and also provided all the necessary training that I needed to excel. I couldn't recommend them enough. 

Thomas Hart

With no prior coding experience, Code Nation turned me into a Junior Developer! Code Nation gave me the tools and learning environment I needed to transition from a beginner to professional in 12 weeks. I'm glad I chose Code Nation as the place to begin my career, I owe the team so much and can't thank them enough for the journey I've been on!

Tom Lynch

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