As more data, work, and areas of our lives move online, the need for cyber security increases. 

This is best demonstrated by the fact that the unemployment rate in the cyber security industry is remarkably close to 0%. Most people who have the skills to work in it already are, but demand will increase and the number of potential employees isn’t increasing with it. 

We’ve collated some of the stats that indicate where the industry is as of 2019, and where it needs to go in the future…

1. The cyber security industry is predicted to be worth $170 billion by 202

Based on financial reports, the industry is set to proliferate in the coming years, making it an excellent time for anyone looking for a career path to get in on the ground floor of this incredible line of work.

2. Ransomware attacks on businesses will occur every 14 seconds in 2019

The cost of ransomware to the cyber security industry is increasing all the time, and with attacks predicted to happen more than four times a minute, it’s easy to see why. The frequency of attacks already stood at one every 40 seconds, and with the projected rise, the FBI has estimated that ransom payments related to this type of attack will be close to $1 billion this year alone. 


3. 30% of businesses have made changes to their cyber security policies because of GDPR

The new regulations regarding data protection and procurement came into effect last year, and so far nearly a third of businesses in the UK have either been forced or opted to change the way they manage their data. Of these businesses, 60% have created entirely new policies, 15% have given training to their staff, and 11% have changed their system configurations. 


4. 20% of all files have no cyber security protection

Shockingly, one-fifth of all files could be accessed by hackers without having to bypass any form of cyber security protocol. Furthermore, 58% of companies surveyed by Varonis had over 100,000 folders open to any user, with a further 41% having over 1,000 sensitive files available. 


5. The average cost of a data breach is $3.68 million

Rising by 6.4% from 2017, it can be expected that the number of data breaches to businesses will increase once again. For each data set stolen, the average cost is said to be $148, meaning that for companies with large databases, there is an enormous financial gamble being taken if they don’t have the proper cyber security measures in place.


6. On average, it takes 3 months for a company to realise it has suffered a cyber attack

This figure speaks of companies in the finance industry, and for retail companies surveyed by the Ponemon Institute as a part of the same report, the average time taken to realise a cyber attack had happened was over well over six months. 


7. 70 million records were stolen from The Cloud

This alarming stat from just last year shows that poor configuration can leave entire databases exposed. Reported to be as a result of poorly compiled S3 buckets, such holes in an organisation’s cyber security measures can be easily identified by hackers with widely shared tools. 


8. The cost of cyber security breaches is higher for charities than businesses in the UK

A 2019 report from the government stated that the average cost of lost data after a breach for businesses stands at £4,180, whereas charities stand to lose £9,470 after such an attack. This is in spite of the fact that fewer charities identified a breach during the same period, with just 22% suffering an attack compared to 32% of businesses. 


9. The average salary for a cyber security professional in the UK is £33,715 a year

As of June 2019, a typical cyber security worker will earn in excess of £33,000 per year, with salaries typically no lower than £27,000 and the highest earners in the field receiving £104,000 every 12 months. 


10. Women will make up 20% of cyber security professionals in 2019

Having dwindled around the 11% mark as recently as 2013, the gender gap in the cyber security industry is slowly getting less cavernous. Cybersecurity Ventures have predicted that the number of women working in the field will have nearly doubled in 2019 compared to the figures reported just six years prior. 


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