When it comes to coding, there are a plethora of jobs and industries that you can dive into. However, with each different role, there are many different languages that carry out various functions, with each built to serve the specific needs of its users.

There are hundreds of different programming languages, and with so much choice, it can be tricky to know where to start. 

1. JavaScript

JavaScript was rated as the most popular programming language by 71.5% of coders surveyed on Stack Overflow in 2018, and the common consensus is that it is the world’s most used language in 2019 too. Part of the reason for this is that JavaScript is a relatively easy language to pick up, which in turn means front-end developers are mindful of using it if they want others to be able to contribute to the workload.

As the language used by web browsers, JavaScript is in high demand, and it’s unlikely this will shift in the next few years. Added to this, JavaScript’s packages are readily available, and some mobile developers are even taking to the language given its cross-platform capabilities. The only downside is that if you’re interested in other areas of coding besides web development (e.g. video games), you may want to learn other languages more suited to these tasks. 

JavaScript is taught as a part of our Develop and Master: Coding courses, so anyone wanting to learn this useful language would do well to start with one of these courses. 

2. Swift

Swift was created by Apple to develop apps. To encourage users to take up the language when it was released back in 2014, it was made to be friendly to those who weren’t overly familiar with coding, and there are plenty of features (most notably Swift Playgrounds) which make learning the app really easy. 

The major downside to Swift is that it is only used to develop iOS apps. This means that you need to be confident that this is the sector you want to get into moving forward as you’ll need to learn more languages to branch out.

If you’re interested in learning Swift, our 1-day iOS Course can put you on the right path to developing your very own app. What’s more, the course is free to anyone currently receiving benefits!

3. Python

Python is a great language to learn given its flexibility and multiple uses, most notably in web development and machine learning. As its syntax rules aren’t too strict, Python can be an enjoyable language to learn and added to the fact that it is fairly easy to read, it is often recommended for people just starting out in coding.

Python has been voted as the third most popular and the most desired language for current coders, with 25.1% of coders who do not know Python stating that it’s the one they want to learn the most. Notable examples of Python in action include Instagram, YouTube and Spotify. 

The downside to Python is that it can require quite a few rounds of testing, and it’s also not the best for creating mobile apps.

4. R

We recently wrote about the rise of R and how its statistical capabilities are making it increasingly popular for those in the field of data analysis. While R is tricky to learn, its applications make it one of the most sought after skills for employers. R has grown in popularity so much that it has been proposed that it merges some of its functionality with Python.

A relatively new language compared to many others, R places a lot of the onus on the user to determine statistical analysis, which makes it ideal for anyone who feels restricted by the nature of others. However, the main downside to R is that it takes up a lot of memory, and some packages are not up to the same standard of those common in other languages.

In Summary

When picking a language, the most important thing to consider is not the perceived benefits of the language, but what it can do for you. While newer languages may have a novelty factor, you should consider that the job opportunities will be lucrative but potentially harder to find. Additionally, certain languages may be popular, but if you want to jump into a niche field, it could be that you need to start learning skills to set you apart from the crowd. 

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