The all important question… “where can I work once I know how to code?” The answer is anywhere! Trust us when we say that your talents are seriously in demand, and we know what employers are looking for from their new recruits.

In a world immersed in social media, apps, the web and smart technology, coding is becoming an essential skill, but the people to do it are hard to find. 

That’s why we’ve designed a course with a laser-focus on employability – which means you’ll be learning the skills that will secure you a job.

Creating Employable Talent

Our 12-week coding bootcamps create Software Developers who are ready to work for great businesses as soon as they graduate.

We think it goes without saying that technical skills are a fundamental part of what you’ll learn; we teach modern technologies that can help make a difference to Dev teams immediately.

But the thing is, we know that technical professionals need to make meaningful contributions – and the quicker they can do that, the better. To that end, our bootcamps are entirely immersive and project led- so we create new talent that is commercially aware, technically mature and exposed to industry practice from day one.

Our courses have employability skills built in – it’s not an after thought or extra module. Everything you’ll study has been shaped by the demands of real businesses.

That’s why you’ll master stand ups, lightning talks and delivering a project (on time). You’ll know how to use Kanban boards, Trello and time sheets.

And on top of that, JavaScript will become your native tongue, you’ll build full stack websites and apps, and understand what it takes to learn a new language when we introduce Swift. 

In summary…

Our bootcamp approach creates professional coders quickly and trains the tech stars of the future – the very people who will be able to solve the skills gaps of businesses across Manchester, Chester and Cambridge.

With a shortfall of literally hundreds of thousands of technical professionals looming, now’s the time to get involved. We work with businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to secure roles for our students.

Over 90% of Code Nation’s graduates are now employed in Development roles across the digital sector… You could be next!

You can check out the full list of who we work with here.


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