On Tuesday 26th February, we hosted an event ran by The British Council in partnership with the Association of Employment and Learning Providers. The British Council arrived at our Manchester campus with a 41-strong delegation from Morocco, Tanzania, and Nigeria all accompanied by translators and British Council hosts – to learn how they can create employable talent.

What was the purpose of the event?

The UK is facing a huge challenge in the digital sector, with the European Commission predicting that over 750,000 digital jobs will be vacant in 2020 creating a huge digital skills gap. The British Council, whose role is to promote the UK and its educational and employment opportunities, has recognised that Manchester deals with the skills gap better than any other city – coming to Code Nation to find out how we’re tackling it!

The visit, led by the British Council, first saw the international delegates take a tour of our Manchester campus – a bespoke learning environment designed to mirror life in a modern business (complete with huge TV screens and access to Fifa and Mario Kart).

Andy Lord, our co-founder and CEO says, “we’ve created our own means of solving the digital skills gap by rethinking the way apprenticeships are delivered. Without apprenticeships the labour market would really suffer. The shortfall would be enormous if we couldn’t access the vital government funding to train people with the highest skills demanded skill set in the world”. 

During their visit, the international visitors also heard from David Igoe, Head of Software Development at online appliance retailer, AO.com. David talked about the issues he has faced in work for the last decade, he went on to say, “Software Development has become the fastest growing occupation in the UK – and today there are still almost 1000 open vacancies for developers in Manchester alone”. 

The booming Manchester tech scene is credited as the best city in the UK for business growth and career development and the Code Nation team are proud to be creating a solution for the region’s digital skills gap. Our training programme enables us to work directly with employers in need of talent, working together to engineer a business-led training course that’s laser-focused on what’s happening in the tech landscape.

Following the visit, the British Council and our CEO attended a private dinner with their international Ministers and business leaders. They were keen to find out how Code Nation’s approach to training talent can be adopted internationally – sounds like we’ll be taking our team on tour!

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