Money isn’t everything… but when you’ve got bills to pay and things to buy it’s important to familiarise yourself with the salaries available in your industry, as well as what you can do to move up the ranks and earn more. 
Software Developers can earn a hefty amount of money, but there’s factors that can affect this such as:

  • Experience
  • Location
  • Route into the industry 

The increasing demand for Developers means that salaries (even for entry level positions) are being pushed higher and higher – some basic economics will tell you that high demand and low supply means the price you pay will increase until demand goes down or supply goes up. 

Considering that Developers are required within almost every industry – now is a pretty good time to take advantage of the fact that employers need people with coding skills and the starting salaries will prove it. 

Taking into account the regional differences in salaries as well as the diverse levels of experience, the national average salary for a Software Developer is £30k, with experienced Developers earning between £60-£80k. At Code Nation, graduates from our 12 week bootcamp can expect between £18k and £26k for their first coding role. Not bad. 

Location and company are primary factors to the amount of your salary – however it can depend on how much experience you have as well as which industry you end up working in. Let’s get into it.

Factors affecting your salary


The more experience you have the more you can earn as a Software Developer – makes sense. Our graduate Junior Developers can expect between £18-26K with just 12 weeks experience, but their university counterparts after completing a 3 – 4 year programme often receive much less. 

A mid-weight Developer has a ranging salary from £26-52K, with the average salary around £35K. 

Senior Software Developers has a salary ranging from £29-64K, and the average salary is £40K.


The regional pay gap appears to affect almost every industry, although some are harder hit than others. We’ve noted below the average salaries based on experience and location with Developers in London earning higher salaries on average versus other locations – in part due to the higher living costs in that area. 

Entry Level –

  • London – £35,000
  • Manchester – £26,000
  • Edinburgh – £28,000
  • Cambridge – £30,000

Mid-Career –

  • London – £45,000
  • Manchester – £33,000
  • Edinburgh – £34,000
  • Cambridge – £37,000

Senior level –

  • London – £55,000
  • Manchester – £41,000
  • Edinburgh – £40,000
  • Cambridge – £46,000

Route into the industry

Software development isn’t a skill you need to learn through university. In fact there are thousands of training providers who can help you become a Software Developer, such as short courses and coding bootcamps like ours at Code Nation. It’s important to choose the right course that best suits your learning style and are aligned with your goals and consider how quickly you can start earning once you’ve completed the training method of your choice.

If you’re struggling to find the right course headover to our blog called How to choose the right training course for some more information.If you’ve already made your mind up you can learn from home in our world-class virtual environment. Head over to our courses page for more information.


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