Whether you’re finding a training course to enter a new industry, expand your current knowledge, freshen up your skills or start a new hobby – choosing the one that suits what you’re looking for is essential. 

It certainly pays to do your research, with some saying it can be a life changing decision. In this blog post we’ll be exploring the things you should consider when looking for the right training course, including; 

  • Does the course content match your goals?
  • Will full-time or part-time studying work better for your lifestyle?
  • How long is the course? 
  • What ‘soft’ skills will you learn as well as technical skills?
  • Will it prepare you for a career in the industry?
  • What pastoral and career support is available whilst studying?
  • What are the fees and resources required for the course?

Let’s explore this in more detail…

Our advice on choosing the right training course

Pick something you’re interested in

Only you know what you’re truly interested in and what content will truly inspire you. Think about these 3 things first of all; Are you choosing a course to progress in your current industry? Are you looking to re-skill and find an exciting new career? Or are you simply looking for a new hobby? 

By questioning yourself now, you can work out the exact path you want your course to take you on as well as the type of course that will match your goals; if it’s a new hobby you’re looking for, chances are you can find some free resources or even Youtube videos. And if it’s a career enhancement – onto the step.

Find what’s important to you

Consider the top 3-5 features you’re looking for in a course. This could be career advice, cost of the course, student support services, teaching style, full or part time training – the list goes on. There are the things that are important to you personally and will mean you feel comfortable and confident on the course you choose.

Research, research and research

The best place to start your research is by typing it into Google. Start by asking the practical questions like what’s available, where does it take place, how much does it cost, who is it aimed at and how much does it cost. 

Once you find the answers to what training to take and where, make sure you check the career prospects from the course. This will allow you to pick the course that will give you the best opportunity to get to your end goal.

You can also take a look at review sites, but bear in mind that each student’s perspective will vary and so will their personal experience, especially considering how long ago it was that they took the course in question – so take them with a pinch of salt (or two).

Finally, speak to people who are in your interested profession – that could be people in your current workplace or maybe look at LinkedIn if you don’t personally know anyone. Find out the pro’s and con’s of your chosen profession and what it takes to get there. And remember – it’s not just a university degree or technical knowledge that will get you where you want to be. Passion and tenacity are important to employers too.

Course content

It’s always good to know what you’ll be learning on a course beforehand. You’ll have a chance to consider whether it will interest you, if it’s relevant to your goals and how it will help you take the next step in your career. You might find that you’ll be learning things you already know, but equally the content might be new, inspiring and exactly what you’re looking for. 

Other things to look for are teaching style – whether it’s led by an instructor or up to you to progress – and the types of assignments, exams or qualifications involved with the course.

Career prospects

If it’s a glittering career you’re looking for – make sure the courses you’re considering are able to set you up for that. Take a look at the employers that the training providers have relationships with, find out about graduate success stories (specifically those that mirror your current situation) and understand the support your course provider can give you (whether that’s CV prep, interview practice etc). 

Here at Code Nation we have a broad section of courses that will prepare you for the working world including a 1 week iOS development course, a 3 week introduction to the fundamentals of Front-End and our famous 12 week Master bootcamp. Head over to our courses page for more information. 

Our admissions team and our engagement team are always happy to advise you on your best route into tech. Get in touch today and find out more.


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