One of the biggest obstacles for people looking to forge a new path in their professional life is the notion that their decision to change career has come too late. Recent research shows that workers in the UK have strong aspirations to change their career, with over 60% wanting to move into a new industry. 

However, the most revealing insight from the research was that almost two-thirds of people feel they cannot change their career because they are too old. Despite this belief, a third of people have trained in a new career in the past, highlighting how common it is to up sticks and find a better place of work. 

Am I Too Late To Change Career?

In short, no. The perception that people have one career that they need to stick with their entire working life is a fabrication born from the increased emphasis on university. With academic studies now considered such a big deal, it follows suit that such courses are sold on the basis that they will set you up for a career forever. 

Equally, people can sometimes fret that they will have too little experience in a new field to warrant a role at an equivalent level. While this is true, there’s no shame in taking a step down, and apprenticeships can offer a great path to break into a new sector. 

Am I Too Old For An Apprenticeship?

An effective way of breaking into a new sector is to take on an apprenticeship. Many people are put off at this juncture, as the stigma associated with being an apprentice has people think of teenagers making coffee and battling with photocopiers. However, the truth is that anyone with the right attitude can take on an apprenticeship, and although it may mean a temporary step down in terms of wages, in the long term, it can start you on the path to a brand new life.

Financial commitments should undoubtedly be considered before jumping into an apprenticeship such as those offered by Code Nation, and we’d always recommend chatting with our team about your circumstances. But given that the average salary of a programmer in Manchester is £62,500, people with the right application and work ethic could quickly climb the ranks with the aid of their secondary skills and soon be earning far more than in their previous role.

Changing To A Career In Coding

Switching to a career in coding or cyber security is a great option for people looking for a fresh challenge. Employment in the tech sector currently represents around 7.7% of the total workforce in the UK, and around 32% of organisations in Europe are currently looking to expand, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities.

Furthermore, on average, coders earn 145% more than the UK average, meaning that once you climb to the same level as in your previous job, you’ll more than likely be on a better salary.

In Summary

When it comes to something as important as your career, you should never throw in the towel and accept your lot. It may seem as though starting from scratch in a new industry is beneath you, but with the incredible opportunities in the coding and cyber security sectors growing every year, in truth, there’s never been a better time to jump ship and start learning to code.


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