As the years roll on, people are becoming more acutely attuned to the effects of poor mental health.

We at Code Nation are a forward-thinking group and believe that there’s no time like the present to start making a change for the better.

Our Master Course includes classes on mindfulness, meditation and yoga, with each class designed to make our Junior Developers more well-rounded individuals before heading out into the working world.

How Does Mindfulness Work?

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing attention to the present moment and works by physically changing the structures in the brain while altering the production of certain hormones and chemicals.

The exercise isn’t designed to have immediate effects, but over time it can help people become more reflective, which in turn can reduce stress.

A technique used in processes such as meditation, mindfulness is drawn initially from Buddhist practises and has become popularised in Western culture over the past 50 years. It’s been criticised by some, but scientific research has shown that it goes beyond merely simulating a relaxed mindset.

Regular mindfulness in the form of meditation has been found to structurally alter regions in the brain such as the hippocampus (responsible for memory), the corpus callosum (which connects the two hemispheres of the brain) and the orbitofrontal cortex (which helps regulate emotions) to name just a few.

All of these factors combined have also shown that mindfulness can help reduce fearful responses and even reduce the emotional experience of pain.

So What Does Mindfulness Have To Do With Coding?

As with any job, coders work best without any distractions or irksome thoughts jumping to the front of their mind. After all, a restful mind is a productive one.

Mindfulness apps such as Headspace work this approach into their offering and have introduced models concerning the way we perceive emotions and situations. They argue that feelings should be observed rather than pursued.

This type of approach can be beneficial when considering obstacles faced at work as it will allow you to tackle problems more objectively.

We’ve noted before that being a coder shouldn’t just be about excellent knowledge of JavaScript or HTML, but instead, these skills should be backed up by a well-rounded base of other attributes.

Mindfulness provides the perfect complement for any aspiring coder in this sense as it will enable you to utilise the skills you’ve learned to their full potential and solve problems more effectively.

So Does Mindfulness Really Work?

It’s important to note that mindfulness doesn’t work for everyone, and in addition to this, many people practise mindfulness in very different ways.

But we believe in innovation – finding new ways to approach daily and working life. Learning something outside of the usual coding curriculum aids lateral thinking and brings a new perspective to work.

And it can really help turn a good coder into a truly great one.

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