Taking a different path is never easy.

It’s even more difficult when it’s connected to your education and career. Everyone wants to make sure they’re getting the best learning possible, and often they follow the route they know, going to college and then university. 

That route doesn’t work for everyone though. 

After leaving school, 17-year-old Olivia started college to pursue her love of tech, but found it wasn’t quite the right fit for her.  She wanted to try something different, and came across the perfect solution after a chat with a friend.

“My interest in tech began when I was about 14,” she explains. “I was really impressed by companies like Apple and how creative they are with the new technology they bring out each year. I was really keen to learn more about how they work and the magic behind it all!

“I studied computing for my GCSEs and then went to college to study for a BTEC level three Extended Diploma in IT. I started learning Python and small programmes, then moved onto databases using MySQL.

“I did plan on going to university, but in my second year of college my friend recommended Code Nation, as they were on the course at the time, and I just felt that it was more suited to my personality. So, I left college and continued my studies at Code Nation instead.”

Olivia took Master: Coding, a software development bootcamp that totally immerses students in the subject over the course of 12 intensive weeks. After she completed the programme, she was hired as an apprentice at Createk and had further learning funded by the company through the Apprenticeship Levy

“I’m a full-time employed Junior Software Developer at just 17!” says Olivia. “The way Code Nation work is very similar to being in-house at a software development company, so I feel more prepared for work than when I was at college.

“The course has really helped me grow both personally and professionally, as well as understanding how to multitask, manage my own workload and work in a team”.

We’re really proud to see Olivia doing so well, and our doors are always open to anyone who’s in the same position as she was. 

So if you’re feeling that college life isn’t right for you, get in touch: 

Email: hello@wearecodenation.com
Call: 0333 050 4570


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