Coding bootcamps first started popping up in the USA just under a decade ago.

In the years since, these intensive teaching programmes have allowed people to learn to code without having to go through higher education programmes.

Despite this, there are still some sceptics who question their efficacy and impact for businesses, so here we address the concerns to help you understand how to get the most out of them.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are educational institutes that teach people everything they need to become Junior Developers. The courses are typically short, lasting a maximum of 12 weeks, and owing to that short length, are designed to be highly intensive.

This approach means that you can find Junior Developers quickly and easily. Some bootcamps (such as Code Nation) will even allow you to partner with them and help shape the curriculum so you can be sure new recruits are bringing to your business the skills you need.

Who Hires Coding Bootcamp Graduates?

As you can see from our Pledgers page, there are plenty of well-established companies who’ve hired coding bootcamp graduates, including Sky, BBC and AO.

Mixed in with these big names are a lot of exciting startups, as plenty of SMEs have hired junior developers from our coding bootcamp. This means that anyone can employ people from a course like our Master: Coding programme.

What it comes down to is the individual you’re looking for and how they’ll fit into your company, as experience has shown us that coding bootcamp graduates are suited to working in a whole range of environments.

What Are The Hiring Rates From Coding Bootcamps?

While we can’t speak for other coding bootcamps, the hiring rate from Code Nation is extremely high, with over 90% of our Master: Coding students finding themselves in full-time employment, in an average of 7 days after finishing their course.

Compared to the average employment rate of computer science graduates, which currently sits at 80% a year after the course finishes, the hiring rates from coding bootcamps are excellent.

What Are The Differences Between Coding Bootcamp Students And University Graduates?

There are several differences between the two types of graduates owing to the nature of coding bootcamps. For instance, at Code Nation, we use feedback from our Pledger companies to inform the content on our courses, ensuring that graduates have the skills businesses need.

Given that coding bootcamps are designed with businesses in mind, and to a greater extent than university courses, many of these differences serve to benefit the companies looking for new employees.

Business-Ready Talent

The main focus of universities tends to be on coding theory and language, but these skills will only get you so far in the professional world. Coding bootcamps are more aware of the demands of businesses, meaning that many will include soft skills in the courses they teach to ensure students are more well-rounded.

No Recruitment Fees

Unlike recruitment agencies, most coding bootcamps don’t charge any fees to recruit, and in Code Nation’s case, there’s nothing to pay to become a partner, meaning any new staff you get will join you for free. This empowers you to spend more of your budget on getting the perfect person rather than having to factor in a finder’s fee.

Quicker Access To Talent

As coding bootcamps tend to last around three months, there’s always a new cohort of graduates on the horizon. This makes it far more convenient to hire new employees from coding bootcamps comparative to universities as there’s no need to wait for a single group of graduates once a year.

Assets To The Team

All this means that employer satisfaction is very high. As Jon Saunders, the Chief Development Officer at EMIS, a health tech company and one of our Pledgers explains:

“Bringing in new people to the [health tech] industry…is really important for us, and partnering with companies like Code Nation allows us to accelerate that growth and really stimulate change.”

In Summary

Coding bootcamps can seem like new and untried territory, but there’s no need to tread with caution. They offer quick and easy process that culminates with a great new hire and can help stimulate the growth you need to thrive.

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