Among the many questions budding coders ask themselves when working out how to break into the world of software development, one is dominant: which programming language should I learn?

With so many available and each one used for different reasons, it’s not an easy question to answer, and some can feel intimidated by the sheer amount of choice.

This situation is hardly uncommon, so you shouldn’t feel frustrated if you find yourself in it. You just need to find the path that’s right for you.

What’s the right coding language for me?

When considering the language you want to learn, it’s important to understand what you want to do in your coding career. Depending on what you want to become, there are some languages which will be crucial and others that can be ignored.

Some people will be willing to work anywhere and would prefer to get a job sooner rather than later, meaning that an easily-acquired language such as Python would be the best approach.

For others, their desire to code may be drawn from a love of gaming, meaning they’ll need to learn C++ as this is what many video game development companies look for in their employees.

You should also think through the difficulty of learning the language and the future of the language. If it’s not being used much by businesses, it may be dying out and therefore not as valuable to your future prospects as other languages.

A great resource which breaks down the choices at hand into a flow chart can be found here, and this short wizard also helps you through a few of the essential points.

Neither resource will answer your questions for you (only you can do that), but if you’re starting from scratch, they will help you break down the languages on offer and give you an idea of the difficulty of the trickier languages.

Which Languages Do Code Nation Teach?

While we explore a range of programming languages, our coding courses place a strong emphasis on JavaScript as we believe it gives students a solid coding basis.

It’s also the language our Pledger businesses have said is most in demand, and looking beyond the world of business, surveys have found that 62.5% of people use it, making it the web’s most dominant language.

Of course, our instructors are still keen to hear from students with specific interests in other languages, and many have used our Develop and Master courses as the spark which ignited their interest in the vast world of coding.

For those who do want to pick up another language, there’s never a perfect time to begin as there’s always more you can learn in your primary language.

Even the most proficient coders will have gaps in their knowledge, so if you do decide to learn a second coding language, the best thing to do is follow the same process as with the first to determine if it’s something you really want to do.

In Summary

Deciding on a first coding language can be a tricky step to take, but by breaking down the relevant factors, most people will be able to find a language suited to their skills and ambitions.

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