Working from home is more popular than ever, with the current circumstances turning millions of people turned into remote workers almost overnight as companies seek to continue business as usual.

This is especially true for the IT and tech sector – in fact it’s been ranked second in industries embracing remote work by The New York Times with Transportation Technology at number one.

But why has working from home become so popular for both employees and employers? The most common reasons are;

  • Time spent commuting, travel costs and food purchases cut down massively 
  • Not restricted to certain locations when applying for new roles, and businesses are able to find the best talent – not just the best local talent  
  • It’s easier than ever thanks to tools like Zoom, Skype and Teams as well as project management platforms like Trello and Basecamp 
  • Increased productivity and less chance of burn out with reductions in long meetings and catch ups
  • Increased happiness with a better work-life balance, plus reduced stress for professionals with children 

Did you know that remote working saw a 400% increase in the last decade?

Why are more people working from home?

The evolution of supporting technologies including powerful mobile devices, ultra-fast internet connections, and the proliferation of cloud-based storage and cloud based software solutions means working from home is easier than ever. 

People are able to instantly connect and collaborate with colleagues around the world at any time. If you have the skills to succeed, maybe you can work for a company in California now you know your way around remote working. The opportunities are endless.

Take a look at our Virtual Learning Environment handbook and find out about the best virtual working with the best of campus life, creating an environment that’s professional, collaborative and fun for our students.

Learn to code, anywhere in the world

Like many businesses, here at Code Nation we were inspired by the worldwide lockdown earlier this year. We wanted to provide our students, apprentices and staff with an opportunity to safely work from home – so we combined the best of virtual working with the best of campus life to create an environment that’s professional, collaborative and fun.

Our tools of choice were Moodle Cloud and BigBlueButton to provide remote students with a high quality online learning experience to complement our courses. We also use Slack, Zoom, Teams, Hangout and FaceTime to catch up and hang out.

The VLE means all of our students can be immersed in their classroom learning, have the full bootcamp experience and access the support of the Code Nation team. Virtual students not only learn to code, they learn to code remotely and that gives them access to a whole new world of opportunities.

And we’ve also made a number of new hires whilst we’re all working from home – which goes to show that firstly, it’s totally possible to start a new career from home, and secondly, the demand for new talent in tech is as high as ever. 

Our Admissions and Engagement teams are always happy to advise you on your best route into tech and can help you on your journey to a new career. Get in touch today and find out more.


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