Over the past decade, coding bootcamps have emerged as a successful pathway for people looking to learn to code and start a career in the tech industry.

Owing to their promise of helping coding novices land a job in the industry after as little as 12 weeks, they are still treated with scepticism by some. However, the benefits are real and here we explain how they can help transform your life.

What Is A Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are education providers who teach intensive coding courses. These courses provide people with the skills they need to get a job as a software developer, web designer or any one of a number of other roles that require coding skills.

Whilst university courses run for a few years, coding bootcamps typically run for a few months: three is the most common number. This allows them to change their curriculum quickly, adapt to emerging technologies and ultimately deliver an education that’s shaped around getting students into work.

Most coding bootcamps are held in person rather than online as the concentrated style of learning is better supported by a face-to-face dialogue between instructors and students. During that time, students will receive between 40 and 60 hours of contact time with their instructors each week.

How Do Coding Bootcamps Work?

Coding bootcamps focus on “high-impact learning”, which means that anything that won’t help students land a job after they graduate isn’t included on the course.

For example, many universities still teach C++ despite its limited use in business. This language will play a role in the curriculum of some coding schools, but many focus on a more common languages, like JavaScript.

Code Nation’s tech stack is JavaScript-based. The core reason for choosing this route is because of JS’s use in business, but its accessibility and the ability for users to explore back end, as well as front-end development, is a major benefit too.

As Dan Krishnan, Senior Instructor at our Chester campus, explains: “It’s a really nice entry point for someone looking to code for the first time. The things that you build are immediately visible, especially if you combine that with HTML, CSS and other front end technologies. You can be really proud of what you’re making straight away.

“Also with Java Script, we have the scope to go into the back end of things with Node.JS, take JavaScript outside of the browser and build full stack applications, servers and do some really cool stuff.”

When delivering their curriculum, coding bootcamps typically take a practical, hands-on approach, so students can get a feel for their new skills by actually using them. They also go beyond technical expertise by teaching business skills (such as using Kanban boards) and soft skills (like teamwork)

We do the same, but pride ourselves on a different approach. We believe that learning these non-technical skills is not an addition or bonus; they’re absolutely key to our goal of creating employable talent. So we treat business and soft skills as being as important as the technical skills.

Nothing takes precedence. Everything is core.

How Much Do Coding Bootcamps Cost?

The cost of coding bootcamps varies and will depend on factors such as location and the length of the course.

Our 12-week Master: Coding course costs £6,000 plus VAT, and our 3-week Develop: Coding course is £999 plus VAT. Students are able to take the Develop course if they’re unemployed and in receipt of benefits. We also offer apprenticeship schemes, where the cost of the training is covered by the employer and the apprentice earns a salary from day one of the course.

In Summary

Coding bootcamps offer a fantastic option for people wanting to learn to code but who are reluctant to head to university. By stripping away the unnecessary learning and adding in crucial business and soft skills, coding bootcamps are able to offer students all the skills they need to forge successful careers in the tech industry.

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