Coding can seem like a difficult role to understand. There are so many terms and so much to learn that many people are put off from learning it.

However, coding can be a rewarding career to move into, both financially and for pure job satisfaction. It’s just about understanding if it’s right for you and taking that first step…

What Is Coding?

Coding is the art of using a programming language such as Javascript to build technology platforms. These platforms include websites, mobile apps and software – in other words, the kind of thing you use day-in-day-out.

You can understand coding by viewing it as building a house (or a Lego set, if that’s more your speed). To build a house (or Lego set) you need bricks, and building a website is no different. The only change is that the (Lego) bricks are replaced by lines of code.

Learn that code and you can learn coding and build your digital house

How To Start Computer Programming

If you’re interested in becoming a computer programmer, there are several short courses and programmes that will allow you to see what life in the role is like without having to commit to a three-year course.

Free Programming Books

GitHub, the online programming platform, has a resource of over 500 free programming books which you can download and browse at your leisure. The resource can seem pretty daunting to a beginner, so before heading there, it’s probably a good idea to decide which programming language you’d be most interested in learning. You can find out which one is right for you by checking out our recent blog.

Free Online Programming Resources

To sample what computer programming is like for free, the best place to start is heading to the internet and finding some free tools that’ll teach you the basics and give you a flavour of what the role is like. Google Grasshopper is one of the best apps out there for this, as it’ll show you the nature of the problems programmers are faced with before moving on to introduce language later on.

Free Programming Courses

Code Nation currently offer a free Introduction To iOS course which runs over two evenings. While learning the basics of programming with the iOS language Swift, new coders can also get an idea of what it’s like to attend a coding school like Code Nation.

Coding Skills Session_Body Image | Code Nation

Short Programming Courses

Whether you’re interested more in coding or cyber security, our Develop courses provide the perfect platform for someone looking to give some more serious consideration to programming. These full-time, three-week courses allow someone to experience the industry in greater depth and even earn a qualification which can help them in their career irrespective of whether they continue down the programming pathway or not.

Am I Too Old To Start Programming?

Absolutely not! If anything, having more experience can give you an edge over others as it’ll allow you to see problems differently. Furthermore, as programming is still a developing industry, it can’t be expected that everyone entering into it will be fresh out of school or university.

In Summary

As evidenced by the bevvy of resources and courses here, it’s never too late to start a career as a computer programmer, and with so many places offering you help to start your journey, there’s no better time to start than today!

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