Immersion. It’s something all students and teachers want from a classroom.

It’s the feeling of satisfaction you get when you’re truly involved with the things you’re learning, the people you’re learning with and the tutors you’re learning from.

Achieving it is difficult, but it can be the difference between a good education and a great one. So what is an immersive learning environment, and what do we do here at Code Nation to deliver one?

What is a immersive learning environment?

The biggest problem with creating an immersive learning environment is that it can be difficult to say exactly what one is. This is because so many factors play a part: from the layout of the desks to the lighting to the accessibility of the teaching materials.

Adding further complexity is the fact that ‘good’ is a subjective term; what works for one person may not for another. Much of it can rely on personal preference.

Then there’s the difference between the nature of the education. A school is different to a college, a university seminar is different to a lecture. Each requires a different approach with a different definition of a great immersive learning environment.

But what about coding bootcamps? How do they differ from other teaching institutions and what represents an immersive learning environment for them?

What is a coding bootcamp environment like?

Just like a traditional school, it can be difficult to say – each coding bootcamp is slightly different in the way they approach their teaching. So we can only speak for ourselves here.

At Code Nation, we believe in a high-impact learning approach. This means that we create an immersive learning environment through a few different factors.

Students hit the ground running

A Code Nation course doesn’t waste any time. Why would our students or instructors want to; there’s so much to learn in computer science and the industry is changing so quickly. We believe wasted time is a wasted opportunity for our students.

That’s why students are welcomed by hands-on teaching from the very first day of our courses. In these early stages, we teach the fundamentals of coding and how to think like a coder. It’s not as simple as knowing what a tag does: it’s a shift in mindset that needs to bed in early.

This immediacy is why we run our coding bootcamps over a relatively short period of time. The Master Course lasts 12 weeks, the Develop Course runs for three weeks and the Intro to iOS course covers two evenings.

That kind of intensity is crucial to an immersive learning environment, and it’s why courses like ours are called coding bootcamps; it’s full-on from the start.

Tutors get to know their students

If that sounds scary, don’t worry. While coding bootcamps are designed to be immersive and intense, they’re not designed to be intimidating. Great coders can come from anywhere, and we want to encourage anyone with potential.

We therefore take a one-on-one approach to tutoring. We work with small classrooms of no more than 20, so the learning environment resembles more of a university seminar than a lecture.

This allows our instructors to get a clear understanding of their students: who they are as people, where they are in their learning and what kind of educational approach will best fit them.

As we said earlier, one size fits all simply doesn’t work, so why would we use that approach? Immersive learning environments need that personal touch, and that’s why it’s so important to Code Nation.

We offer real-world experience

What use is an education if it’s not going to help you get a long-term career in a field you love? That’s the point of learning: you deepen your knowledge, find your strengths and passions, and set yourself up for success.

Everything we do is designed to give you real-world experience that’ll actually help you win employment. We don’t just teach the theory behind computer science or the nuts and bolts of coding. We go further.

One of the ways we do this is through employer-sponsored final projects. This is immersive, hands-on experience that enables you to apply what you’ve learned during the course to a project similar to those you’ll be working on in the real-world when you graduate.

Doing this not only gives you an understanding of the working world, but also gives you the confidence to know that what you’ve learned has stuck and that you really can code. After all, the proof is right there for you to see.

We’re shaped by businesses

We have this professional insight because we were born out of a desire to help businesses solve the digital skills gap. Our co-founder and CEO Andy was previously CEO at The Rethink Group – a 200-person-strong global talent management and recruitment business.

He saw clients struggle to find digitally-skilled people to fill an increasing number of tech roles and vowed to do something about it. Code Nation is that something.

So businesses are fundamentally baked into the way we operate: we listen to what businesses want to see in employees and shape our curriculum around those things.

As part of this, we teach soft skills such as listening, empathy and teamwork. These are becoming increasingly important to employers who want their new hires to hit the ground running and contribute to their company quickly.

That’s true immersion: not just learning code, but learning a curriculum that gives you the skills you need to get a job.


A truly immersive learning environment is much more than a nice classroom and a thorough curriculum. It’s about forming a connection, generating engagement and preparing students for the working world.

We pride ourselves on providing this kind of environment and would love for you to join us.

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