The overarching thing to remember about remote working is that it’s business as usual, especially right now. Everyone is doing it – it’s not a one off or a novelty – so it absolutely is business as usual for yourself and your team.

The tech industry has always led the way in allowing people to work remotely, but if you’re in the throws of adjusting to the virtual working – here’s our top tips for maximising productivity.

Stick to your usual routine
Decide what time you’re going to start and finish working and stick to it. If you’ve decided that work starts at 9 – make sure you’re out of bed, dressed, caffeinated and ready to rock for 9am.

It’s easy to lie in bed longer when your new commute to work involves walking downstairs – but work starts at 9am and you’ve got important stuff to do.

Other day to day routine things to remember are – Get dressed ‘for work’ so you feel like you’re at work – that means staying in your pj’s all day is a big no.

Set up a productive space to do your work so that working from your bed isn’t the only option Business. As. Usual.

Stay in touch with your team using tools like Slack, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams etc. Book in daily stand ups to get your day going, hangout at lunch time as you usually would to boost morale, and maybe end the day with an optional retro of the day’s achievements.

In terms of project management, we use tools like Trello and Basecamp day to day. They give us the ability to view where things are up to – whether that’s planning within the marketing function, the sales team, or between the instructors.

Communication is really important at a time where things are feeling fragmented and out of the ordinary.

Be smart with your breaks
When you’re working remotely your breaks can go two ways…

You’ll start work at 9am, get stuck in to what you’re working on and the first time you check the time it’s 3pm. Finally time for a break.

Or, you’ll start work at 9, get stuck in to what you’re working on and the first time you check the time it’s 9.15am. Finally time for a break.

Avoid scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, playing Sims or starting a deep clean of your house. Those are easy ways to lose hours of your day in the blink of an eye. (Been there, done all of those things).

Break up your day ~responsibly~ with breaks for meals, a walk outside, time with your pet etc. Have a brew, catch up with the people you live with (or your team via a hangout) then get back to it.

Stay healthy
When you’re in the same place all day every day – it’ll take its toll on your physical and mental health.

Make sure you’ve got food in your house that makes you feel good – fruit, veg, snacks that aren’t a full tube of Pringles and a can of Monster… Maybe even prep some meals in advance to warm up through the week.

Getting out in the fresh air (if you can) is super important too. And maybe even try an at home workout to get the endorphins flowing.

Finally, remember you’re keeping the company going.

All the moving parts of the business are still moving – and you’re still vital to its success.

We’re all following these ‘business as usual’ tips to maximise productivity whilst we’re working from home – and we hope they’ll help you too.


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