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We love tech so much that we just can’t stop talking about it! Check out our blog posts to find out more about coding, cyber security and why you should be as passionate about them as we are.

What is Industry 4.0?

Technology is changing the world in a multitude of ways and businesses now find themselves in a commercial landscape that they may not feel prepared for. Whether it's a new app that allows people to pay their bills more efficiently or a revolutionary smartphone that's...

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The Benefits Of Hiring From Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps first started popping up in the USA just under a decade ago. In the years since, these intensive teaching programmes have allowed people to learn to code without having to go through higher education programmes. Despite this, there are still some...

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Why Cyber Security Skills Are Essential To Your Business

Cyber security is a field that often gets overlooked by SMEs as more attention is paid to software development. While it can be tempting to plough more resources into the technical coding aspects that consumers can actively use, cyber security is an equally important...

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What is Pair Programming?

Pair programming describes a technique designed to improve the quality of code, and is a vital part of the curriculum at Code Nation. Employers are using this process more and more often and will often look for evidence of experience in pair programming when hiring...

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How To Revolutionise Your Software Developer Hiring Process

The digital skills gap is widening at an alarming rate, with research from Deloitte stating that 75% of hiring executives are finding recruitment tricky given the existing landscape. Furthermore, only 12% believe that graduates are equipped with the necessary digital...

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What Is A Coding Bootcamp?

Over the past decade, coding bootcamps have emerged as a successful pathway for people looking to learn to code and start a career in the tech industry. Owing to their promise of helping coding novices land a job in the industry after as little as 12 weeks, they are...

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What are soft skills and why are they important?

Thriving in a technical job like coding or cyber security is about more than just knowing your particular skill inside and out. Developing emotional skills that help you interact with your colleagues is also a vital necessity. These are known as soft skills and all...

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Tech Jobs: What Is Ethical Hacking?

Much of the focus in tech is on building better websites, apps, software and system, but with such great opportunity also comes great risk. Enter the ethical hackers, the professionals who help keep businesses safe from cyber attacks and ensure that the digital world...

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Which Programming Language Should I Learn?

Among the many questions budding coders ask themselves when working out how to break into the world of software development, one is dominant: which programming language should I learn? With so many available and each one used for different reasons, it’s not an easy...

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Code Nation Success Stories: Yiotis Alamanos

We here at Code Nation love guiding people on the path to a great career in tech. Our tutors work hard to support students and help them thrive, so it’s always incredibly gratifying when they graduate and land jobs in their desired fields. With over 90% of Code Nation...

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