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We love tech so much that we just can’t stop talking about it! Check out our blog posts to find out more about coding, cyber security and why you should be as passionate about them as we are.

Tech Jobs: What Is Ethical Hacking?

Much of the focus in tech is on building better websites, apps, software and system, but with such great opportunity also comes great risk. Enter the ethical hackers, the professionals who help keep businesses safe from cyber attacks and ensure that the digital world...

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Which Programming Language Should I Learn?

Among the many questions budding coders ask themselves when working out how to break into the world of software development, one is dominant: which programming language should I learn? With so many available and each one used for different reasons, it’s not an easy...

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Code Nation Success Stories: Yiotis Alamanos

We here at Code Nation love guiding people on the path to a great career in tech. Our tutors work hard to support students and help them thrive, so it’s always incredibly gratifying when they graduate and land jobs in their desired fields. With over 90% of Code Nation...

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Why Working In Cyber Security Can Change Your Life

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries in the world - and it’s also one of the most important.   As people’s lives become increasingly dependent upon digital devices and businesses hold more and more of our personal data, the need to keep that...

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What Are The Benefits Of Being An Apprentice?

The benefits of hiring an apprentice are widely discussed, but what about the perks of becoming an apprentice? Here we take a look at some of the advantages you could enjoy by applying for an apprenticeship. Low Cost The key difference between an apprenticeship and...

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Coding School Curriculum Explained For Parents

If you’re parent to a young person who’s thinking of joining our Master: Coding course, you’ll want to get acquainted with what we teach and what their prospects will be once they graduate. Here we run through the basics of the course, its key topics and the types of...

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Tech Jobs: Video Game Developer

Video game development is a fascinating industry and one of the best to work in for those who enjoy both the creative and logical aspects of coding. Here we take a look at what you can expect from a career as a video game developer. What is a video game developer? Put...

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What Is Agile Software Development?

Learning new digital skills can feel intimidating. There are so many terms to get to grips with that it’s easy to be put off. But we at Code Nation believe that great tech talent can come from anywhere and learning these skills should be accessible to all. So we’re...

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Five Reasons To Love Computer Science

With digital skills becoming even more vital to the professional world, the old idea that techies are geeks who fix broken WiFi is fading away. People are now becoming more appreciative of the role of digital skills play in their everyday lives and are starting to...

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How Do Coding Bootcamps Benefit Businesses?

Having originally started out in the USA, coding bootcamps are becoming an increasingly popular way for aspiring coders to learn their trade. But what about businesses? How can coding bootcamps help companies looking for ways to bring in great new tech talent? What...

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